Monday, April 26, 2010

FYI Gem Stone

Found a flaw in the blog system. If blug is started and put in time-out for a couple of days, it is published in the order of the original date. I understand what I just said. Looking for a way to fix.

This is an FYI GemStone...not funny...just stuff.
1. by the numbers. As you may know, I work with the U.TX Stadium in the chairback (stadium seat) rental biz. It is pretty part time for me - I don't get rich but it keeps me active...and I need the exercise, plus I get to see my Round Rock daughters ( & one hubby).
I was down there last week sorting chairs - not something worth explaining in detail. On Sat. morn, 8 a.m., I stopped at the Walmart (Parmer & I-35) to pick up supplies. In the store for about 15 min. tops. Somebody keyed my car while I was in the store. The only thing I can figure is AT 8:00 A.M. somebody was offended by my Tech Band alumni license plate frame. It is purty.
An aside: I have been told that the UT coach (Brown) gets upset if cars are parked at the practice field which are from other places...Heard he once questioned who had the "red" pickup parked in the lot. That guy bought a black one soon after. If he sees my Tech Band tag, I will be ejected. That's what i was told. May cover it with a bread wrapper.
2. The Marauder went into the body shop this morning. They said out by Wed. Can you believe anyone would get it done in 2 days. I am amazed.
3. Dropped off Marauder at 8. got home & had a phone call. Our house air cond broke last week. A man showed and surveyed the damage. He went home & in 5 days they have our new condenser coil. They drove down from Arlington today - before lunch today. Another merchant doing what he said he'd do in the appropriate amt of time. Amazing.
4. I just learned that the TV show RuPaul's Drag Race is not about automobiles. I clicked on it & made the revelation. Some things could have gone unlearned.
5. Spent the rest of the day: A. cutting wood B. stacking wood C. moving stones for my new walls D. made a bonfire to burn leaves and wood from Sat. morn's big wind. Had to stop when wind started kicking up coming across the lake. Surf's up.
6. People showed up to measure my new wall. Am looking for help moving rocks and soil behind the wall. Spouse Brenda thinks I am too old to wheelbarrow 15-20 yards of rock and dirt up and down our shoveling, we'll see.
7. tomorrow, more wood cutting and leaf burning.
8. Sat., the Corsicana Swing Orchestra (see earlier blog) is playing a gig in Tyler = wedding reception. I am practicing my horn everyday to get ready. Now, all of you go practice too.
more later. If you need to practice, you need to practice !!


  1. if you don't call me while you are in Tyler, i will never speak to yo again! VICKIE