Sunday, April 25, 2010

Storm report

Not going for sympathy - none needed. Sat. morn at 1:30 a storm rolled through Corsicana with 80 to 100 mile winds. 87 officially in town. We stayed huddled down with the 5 dogs for about 30 minutes till the winds slowed down. You could here the rain coming straight in at the house. It was quite a noise. Later checking I had some tree damage. Two enormous limbs off tore off 2 of our giant backyard trees landing on our fence. About 6 sections of the fence will need repair. About 5 other trees lost major limbs....two other 8 " trees were snapped off about 5 ft from ground. Electricity went off at 1:30 and came back on Sat. night at 10:15. We had a quiet night and day. Lucky the day was cool. We learned today that the local town (Mildred) lost 5 telephone pole in a row. Today, my chain saw & I worked on trees; the wife worked on small branches and an abundance of leaves. Nothing is finished. Do you need some fire wood? there are some other great stories in today's paper. Later.

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