Monday, April 12, 2010

Pot Pouring Wed.

This blog is full of misc - unrelated items. Warning Warning

1. I sing in the choir at the Corsicana FUMC. It is my way of trying to meet people and attempt to fit into the community better. You cannot just watch Ophra all day (yet to watch her in the past 4 to 5 years)...Easte Sunday Todd Kase Daviss was baptised - infant. What I found great was they used actual water from the Jordan River. I thought "hmmmm" Then our preacher made the comment that he had been baptized with water from the Jordan River as a child. How do you carry a jug of water on an airplane?

2. I had to start drinking diet drinks about 2 years ago (a diff stone). Diet Coke is okay; diet pepsi is just terrible to me. Then they came out with Zero. Mah baby. As my neice Sharla said, "Zero is what COKE meant to make when they made diet Coke." My favorite though is cherry zero and cherry diet coke. They make colas bearable.

3. Famous Saying: If you build a man a fire, you will keep him warm for a night - If you set a man on fire, you will keep him warm for the rest of his life. Heard that on the radio.

4. Famous Saying 2: Don't Rag about a free barbeque...

5. I am practicing my trumpet. In between exercises/songs/etudes I write on this blog. My mouth will not play very long - the chops get tired.
6. Picked u p a can of hairspray at cvs had a label which I don't understand:
"Security label: this item intended for sale at CVS Phamacy. Store #6854 601 W. 7th Avenue. If found at other outlets call 1-866-438-8724." Now what does that imply?
7. I went to Austin this past weekend to do some work at the UT Stadium. At 8:00 a.m. as I headed down there, I paused briefly at the Walmart Parmer & I-35. Coming out 10 minutes later someone had keyed my black car. State Farm is fixing it on Monday. Do you think it might have been the double T on the back of the car? or the license plate holder which says Tech Band Alumni. Either way, at 8 a.m. they were waiting.

8. final for today: in the FT worth paper today (Wed) Arlington: deadline for free pit bull clinic is Friday. Owner must attend a responsible pit bull ownership class 3 pm Ap 24 Go Figure.


  1. #6. maybe there was a problem with people taking hairspray out of one store and putting it in another???

  2. right - it just doesn't make sense to me - they had to spend money to print the labels ???