Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boots, no saddle

#1 - wore brown shoes and brown socks yesterday; drank tea & had good meals. TV was so=so. With that I say::::

Not every blog can be a Gem. This is something which must be realized early; however, that doesn't stop me from typing (blogging). For years I have been sending emails using a colored font. Can't find my color here yet -- it is NOT burnt orange. [ another example of non-essential info, like who cares? ]

Stone: This is not easy for me to say. Let's get right to it! In many respects, I have tiny feet. My 9 1/2 is not tiny for a 5-9 guy, it is that my tootsies are narrow. I wear a B, but can fit into an A. Ask around; how many guys do you know who wear B width? Me. Must have inherited it from somebody.

Part 2: My ranchero here is on a lake. Traditionally, lakes have snakes. Since we are not in Ireland (thank you St. Pat), snakes appear. Last year - over there under that set of trees on the right, 2 snakes were wrapping around each other about 2 foot into the air. It was quite a show. After a while, one took off into the bush & the other slinked ( or is it slunked ) under a tree.

Part 3: Part of living is mowing grass. I do that. Have I told you about my John Deere riding lawn mower? I am in Heaven...even have a John Deere Gimme Hat. Not only mowing but weed eating. My weed eater, known locally as the "Terminator," and I make the rounds. I have only had to kill one snake with The Terminator. It was one of those black snakes with the white mouth innards. Lovely thing.

As with most lawns, I mow once a week and weed eat the next day. My only outside work shoes are walking Rockport shoes. I buy a new pair about once a year and relegate the old ones to my work space. When I weed eat, I use a pair that I taught marching in during my graduation year. They have held up quite well.

Part 4: After two years of dancing around this yard - "eating" weeds - it was agreed that I needed boots. Now, I do own 3 pair of old boots (if you can imagine). After owning them for years, I cannot pull them on. Why? All 3 are 9 & 1/2 B. I have struggled and pulled - no way to get my toesies in those boots. Suppose they will go to the Salvation Army. Even the Sal Arm should have someone with tiny foots.

Adecision was made. New Boots! First stop was Gander Mountain here in Corsicana - we have some interesting stores. Nothing. They had a pair of boots that were called Snake boots - they reach almost all the way to the knee and are a combo of camo webbing material and leather (or imitation plastic - can't tell the difference). Next stop was Atwoods Farm & Ranch store - a store that is good, if not better, than Tractor Supply...and you know how good Tractor Supply can be.

Boots they had: short, tall, rubber, leather, walking, hiking, cowboy, work - you name it. The cowboy ones with the red sides were most inticing. The big problem, all were Med, or D, or EE widths. There is no way I can wear a D width, much less EEEE. Medium equals C width - me thinks.

Let me cut to the chase; My wife made me (she was vicious - made me) try on some 9 1/2 Med and D widths. I knew it was futile. We discovered that different companies measure boots differently....there is no uniform standard. Lo & Behold, the spouse found a pair of boots that fit - I think. 9 1/2 D width. Frankly I just don't understand. If nothing else I feel a tad bit more macho with D width boots. gonna have "D Width" painted on the sides...might get a tattoooooo. Also just had to buy boot socks.

Been wearing the boots and socks around the house all evening. Dogs don't seem too impressed. What do they know?

People watching in Atwood's is fun.
stone ends. Soon a stone about the Corsicana Swing Orchestra.


  1. Mr. Davenport has snake boots for when the Davenport men go hunting. I think they are cool! You can never be too careful.

    Unrelated note: I saw a mini weiner dog (sorry, can't spell the formal name) yesterday. It's name is Noodle. I thought you would enjoy that.

  2. I too blog --- I've gotten away from it lately and really now only post to a meme call Velvet Verbosity where you write only 100 words using the genre of your choice using a given word as your inspiration. I may get back to regular blogging we'll see.

  3. if you get back into blogging, send me the link.
    Noodle is such a great name for a doxie. m