Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter - general

I have been unable to make this I read under Settings - in that spot there is a place to check on New versus the Old version. I finally tried the Old one without all the new wondrous computer things that only Geeks (notice I capitalized the word for you) understand.

Since I have been having so many problems getting on, this is a trial exhibit.

Greeting: Happy Easter or whatever you are a part of.

Humor: I was in HEB grocery store this week and walked down the Easter aisle. I look for M&M cute toys; the wife gets to eat the M&Ms and I get the toy. There were marshmallow thingies, bunnies, plastic eggs.....this is where I am going. Think: what is the purpose of plastic eggs? It is easier than boiling & coloring AND the health risk from rotten eggs goes away. As an aside, please be sure to inventory your real eggs at the end of the day. Finding one inside of the couch in two weeks is not pleasant.

Back to plastic eggs. They were pretty. Bright colors, primary colors, off colored eggs? Buried at the back was a package of eggs - Camo Colored. Now what cruel person would buy camouflaged eggs for his little two year old? That is just not right.

Daughter Laura & her husband Tom Roberts visited this week. They fished the entire time and caught nothing. This morning after they returned from Easter service, Laura caught a 15" blue catfish. She saved it. When we walked down to set it free, she had another 15" blue cat on her line. So, as you can see, she went to Easter Service then God gave her 2 catfish to feed the multitude. We turned them both loose to grow.

Brother Jim was down in the middle of the week. He tours airports handing out information about his company DUAT. I rode with him for 2 days returning late both days. It was nice to see Bro & chat about nothings.

Final thing: you need to go over and click on that button that lets you follow my blog here. My wife is the only one who has done this. I am thinking about giving out a prize....thinking.


  1. I will follow your blog and not even require you follow mine. After all, you probably don't care about how, why and such of my weight loss plan.

  2. I to will follow, and you don't have to follow mine either... httP://
    if you should be inclined.

    Oh how I have missed the wit & "wisdom" of Mike Metze for the last 40+ years!


  3. I just figured out that I need to find a way to save all of the bluggy bloggs. Sure wish they would get some advertisements on my blog so I could become independently wealthy

  4. Hey I don't blog often, but you inspired me to blog again, so follow me if you want, or Not.