Monday, September 26, 2011

quickie: bang

This is to verify that everyone can be involved in stupid things...sometimes when it happens faster than one  can think....couple examples.

1.  I think this happened in late junior high years - could be early h.s.   Levelland (many years past)  had elementary schools grades 1-6.   Junior High was 7 -9;  and high school was 10 - 12.  So somewhere in these years of stupidity, my brother Jim and I went to visit a fellow stupid person.  I wish I could remember his name.   He lived on 10th street or 11th near West Avenue.  (there is a bit of info most of you will cherish)    There were about 5 or 6 or 7 of us all together.
        I remember that I felt a bit uncomfortable in the setting we were in - as in these guys were not my closest friends.   The one fellow took us down into his cellar - I seem to remember it was in the house, but Levelland houses don't have basements - this is the Panhandle of Texas.  We went down there and were messing around when he picked up a gun - pistol if I remember correctly.  
        am anxious to know if bro Jim remembers this.
        We are in his cellar (or basement).  It is all concrete - walls, ceiling, floor, all.   I was standing by the stairs when he pulls out this gun.   There is a target of some kind against the other wall.   The guy points the gun at the target and pulls the trigger.  IT WAS LOUD.   The bullet went through the target and rickoshayed all around the room.   Laughter and more laughter.   Boys are not know for brains.   (sidebar:  how do you spell rickoshayed)   It seems like he fired the gun again - more bouncing bullet - Jim & I left up the stairs.
It is a wonder nobody was killed.   Could this be the reason our father didn't like us to hang around with other teenage boys?
         And another incident - not physically dangerous - We guys were driving around town - crusing if you will.  I was in the left back - Jim was in the front right - I think we were in Gerald Heath's buick - and somebody was in the right rear.  Frankly, I think it was Mack Tubb, but I wouldn't bet on it.  There could have been 2 more people in the car - Buicks would hold 6 moron boys.  
           It was after dark and we made it down Houston street on the Square.  I don't remember why, but in the back seat was an air rifle - not a beebe gun, but one of those you pumped up and shot the little lead pellets - a pellet gun if you will.   This guy on the right back took the pellet gun and "scruntched" down in his seat - the windows were open (nobody had air conditioning back then) - He barely stuck the barrel out the window as we passed the Wallace Theater and pulled the trigger, aiming up at the marquee.
           I couldn't believe he did that.  Pellet guns don't make a lot of noise - just a thunk whoosh.   The driver hit the gas and we were gone.   The pellet gun was put on the floor, and we continued to drive up and down the streets.    Several in the car had a great laugh over this.   Think of the trouble we would have had if someone had been hit - we had been seen - or whatever.   It was not a good adventure.
        Speaking of Mack Tubb (his father was the head basketball coach in Levelland - Gano Tubb - I remember this was Mack.   One day when we were all going to Tech, Bro Jim & I plus Mack and I think a couple of others were downtown Lubbock - we were making the rounds of pawn shops and the like.   I was enthralled by the stores.   All of a sudden the store keeper started yelling at us to get out of his store.   He was loud.  I didn't understand what was happening.   Outside the store I pieced together that Mack had tried to shoplift a pocketknife.   We were lucky again.
      Now I know that blogs sometimes are read by people who have done searches.   Mack - if you happen to see this - I am not trying to cause you pain - hey, that was over 50  years ago.   It is funny how certain things stick with you.  This one has haunted me for quite a while.   I should let it go.  Move on.   Eat a cookie.  Let the dogs outside.   G'night all.

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