Saturday, October 8, 2011

made a political error

I have two posts to do - this one is stupid politics - the other has to do with OU - UT.

I have an exstudent, girl - actually she is more of a young lady now I would suppose - from Manor.  She was different than most - walked to the beat of a different drummer - somewhat mystical thinking.   She wasn't quite a Goth, but still different.  I really liked her and the independence she had.

On facebook, she sent me an invitation to Occupy Austin.   People send me invitation to all sorts of Facebook things.  I ignore all.  This one rang a bell in my brain.  It asked if I would attend:  yes, no, ignore.
I clicked No.   C'mon, I'm not going to drive to Austin and stand around with a bunch of strangers holding signs accomplishing nothing.   I think they are complaining about dastardly corporate greed, mean ole business people, and especially rich people.  There is nothing worse than a rich person...he had to cheat to make the money  or at the least he took it from some widow or orphan.

So I clicked "no"  and made a couple of comments like -- I'm not going to any Obama rally  --  and  ask yourself who is paying for all of this.   Anyone who thinks these gatherings are financed by independents, is just simply out of touch with reality. 

To make a long story shorter, all of a sudden I am getting facebook message from all sorts of strangers who are fussing at me.    I did add a couple more little comments, and, then, told them that I would delete any further contact from strangers.

What did I learn?  These comments to an invite - them thar are not private.   I have tried to quit arguing with Liberals and Obama worshipers.  It serves no purpose - just like here - if you add a comment fussing at me, it will be ignored.  So there.

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