Sunday, October 30, 2011

quickie - cataract

short one:


I am not at home.  My wife stayed home with the dogs and the shotgun - she is an amazing shot with a shotgun - a bit lesser with her pistol....anyway she stayed home to save money and keep the dogs in a familiar surrounding.

I am visiting my brother in north Texas (yes, I know that I have not said what town).  Tomorrow we get up at 4:45 to take him to the doctor.  He is having cataracts removed from his left eye - I don't quite get the process, but it involves something about a new lens and not eating after midnight.  He will have the other eye done in a couple weeks or so.

My barber told me that his father had this done when the operation was in its infancy.  They said to do one eye now and the other one in 6 months.   Times have changed - or the process has improved.   My bro said that he had a choice of lenses - one cost an extra $3,000 per eye and was not covered by Medicare.   I wonder what the costs will be when the new Obamacare finally kicks in. 
Here- tonight -supper was hot dogs with Wolf Brand chili.   Nuthin better than chili - all kinds of chili.  Since my wife may read this - let me say her chili is better than Wolf Brand - hers is competition-type chili.   There is left over chili setting in our freezer awaiting my return and apetite.

That's it.
I am not sure when I will head home

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