Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday today

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Yesterday the wind came out of the south (more s.e.). It blew hard. When I woke up this morning it was coming out of the north, straight across the lake into our back door. We have not seen a strong wind like this in a long time. Everything on our back porch has moved around in the breeze.

Our weather alarm went off saying that the small town of Navarro was to be evacuated. Fire. Navarro is a wide spot about 10 miles south of us. Luckily the wind is blowing out of the north and the fire was heading south towards that leg of the lake. Let me change that. It is lucky for us, the fire was going that way.

Our next door neighbor drove up. They had been to Canton to buy some big jugs for their back porch. But, as will happen when you go to Canton, they went to the dog area. If you have never been to "dog town" - it is fun. There are more puppies there than you can shake a chew stick at. They are sooooooooo cute. I always try to see Poms so I can tell Jim. The dachshunds are everywhere - they even had 2 wire hair ones this month. Big Dogs; Little Dogs. I don't know how these people ever come out ahead with all the puppies.

Back to the neighbors. You may remember their black Lab, Heidi, died a while back. That left Sue, their other lab, alone. Now they have a new puppy - a 2 month old Bullmastiff. Its dad was 120 lbs. Big Puppy. Big paws. Big Papa.

Anyway - remember she is an insurance agent. The wife, not the bullmastiff. She told me about the fires in the county - ten. She has two customers in Navarro who keep calling her about the fire down there. It really bothers me about all these fires throughout the state. I am sitting on a potential disaster.

now for the few of you who actually will care -- I learned today that Abby has moved - with DeeDee & Penny & Little Dog. The people down the way bought a house in Red Oak and the dogs have gone. We will never love on Abby again. She was a good dog friend.  You can read about Abby on another posting.

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