Friday, September 16, 2011

Quickie - bang bang

I have a few quickies I need to get out of the way.  This one really made an impression on me - makes the adage "enjoy life today cause you never know .... "  That might not be an adage.  I am sure it is something though.

I sing in the FUMC church choir.  I have not been good lately and have missed several rehearsals and/or Sunday services.   Went to practice on Wednesday.  Our choir director - Chris Johnson - is a recent graduate from Baylor - Organ major.   He does a creditable job with the choir.  He has amazing patience with the whole process and doesn't yell at me when I smart off.  I try to be good; it is difficult at times.

So Chris started rehearsal by saying something like, "Well, here is my story - why I didn't show up for church Sunday...."  Okay that was a paraphrase - you think I have a photographic memory?  Ask my wife; she'll tell you.   Off focus - back to stone.

Chris started telling us (he still lives in Waco) that he and a friend were spending some time together and decided to go to one of the parks on the river - the one with the suspended bridge.  There they found a couple benches facing each other and just talked.   He is still young enough that he gets into a conversation and in  monopolizes his attention. 

All of a sudden he hears a click.   A voice behind him says, "Give me your wallet."
He slowly turned around to see a gun pointed at his head about 3 ft away.   Chris did the intelligent thing - he moved slowly and gave up his wallet.   Then the guy took a very deep breath as if he were about to do something else.  He lowered the gun from the head to point at the torso.  Chris rotated away from him.  

Instead of firing the man ran.   Both Chris and his friend ran the other way and called 911.  He says the police were all over the park in 45 seconds.  But, the guy got away and so did the wallet.

that's it.  The whole stone is more than I cared to hear and to add to my worries...of potential probs. 

That's it.
Take Care.

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