Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quickie: D D

My mom was a verbally graphic woman - she could talk with the best sailors, but she used a limited number of questionable words.  Certain colorful words, I never heard from her lips.   Others could fly with ease.  I think it came from her upbringing in the back woods area of Oklahoma.

[ Her home town was so important, the State of Okla. covered it with a lake....Kaw City went swimming with the fishes. ]

I don't know why the following thought came to mind.  I was just sitting and thinking.  Sometimes I think.  Sometimes I sit and think.  And - Sometimes I just sits.   Wellsirrr - in one of those "just sitting,"  I broke my pattern and began to think.  A memory came up.

When we were kids, we wore white (if clean) underwear.  Washing machines were not the best back then - underwear might take on a gray color over time.   We never wore  T-shirts or undershirts, just white (grayish)  briefs.   We'd wear them - clean or dirty - till they shreaded.   Back in them thar days, elastic had not reached the fine quality of today's  -   after-all, ours were not made in China  (humor). 

Within a few months of wearing and re-wearing our underwear, they began to stretch out.  Thus came the term my mother taught me:


I didn't even know Briefs were called "briefs"   untill Clinton ran for office and some klutzo asked if he wore boxers or briefs.   My whole life, they were known as droopy drawers...droopy drawers.  It does have a ring to it.

Thanks mom for adding to my vocabulary.

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