Sunday, September 4, 2011


We have owned 3 motorhomes over the years.  The first one was about 20' long.  We bought it used in Amarillo years ago.  It let us travel with the kids - being about the size of a large car, it was great.  It did have a problem though.   Every 500 + miles the wheel bearings on the front right would break.   We were caught once on an Indian reservation in eastern Arizona when they went.  The townspeople just looked at us.  They didn't care to help us at all.

We drove from that place through the 4 corners area to the next town at less than 30 mph nursing the m.h. along.  It took us about 2 days.  We spent one night at the actual 4 corners area - heard coyotes outside the motorhome drinking our  gray water.   It was not a good time had by all.  We sold that motorhome soon after.

Our last one was purchaed in 2004 - Winnebago Brave.  I made a mistake - all of you should learn - you can get upside down in a heartbeat with a motorhome.   There are limited number of people who want to own your motorhome for what you owe.   Long story short, we found a way to move into a smaller motorhome, losing the Brave.   Hopefully this newer model will be financially better for us.

So I took the new motorhome, a Jamboree, to Camping World to have hydralic jacks installed. 
I called them 2 weeks ago on a Friday.  Gave them my numbers, and they said they would order the parts.  Did they?  Of course not.  They finally ordered them on Monday after I called them.   Then, I asked if I could set up the install appt. at that time.  Well, no.  It seems they don't like to set appts. until the parts come in.  so I waited.  They called on Friday.  the parts were in.   I set up the appt for Thursday.  We took it up on Wednesday & would go get it back on Friday...that was 2 days ago.

Nope.  The parts had a defective board.   They called the jack company who would overnight the part for Friday delivery.  by now you should have figured this out - no part on Friday.  So my motorhome sets in their lot waiting for business (deliveries) on Tuesday.

Friday -- I call
Friday -- they are to order
Sat./Sun -- their service dept closed
Monday -- I call
Monday -- they actually order
Friday -- Part comes in
Friday -- Set install appt for Thurs.
Wed -- take motorhome up there
Thurs -- they install
Thurs afternoon -- they called to say part is defective
Thurs -- they are to order
Thurs -- company was to overnight
Fri -- no part
Sat/Sun/Mon -- service department closed
Coming Tues -- part should come in
Coming Tues -- part should be installed
Coming Tues -- I should be able to get my machine.

anyone want to make a bet on tuesday?

that's it.

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