Saturday, May 8, 2010

Snake Dog strikes again

This will be short.
question #1: why will the machine allow me to make paragraphs now but not yesterday?

Daughter Christine has come to visit. She arrived with her 3 dogs in tow (Olie,Wesley & Butty)
Olie showed up at her house everyday for a week - she took it back everyday - finally she asked the owners if she could just keep the dog. They said sure. Its name was originally Mohammed Ali after the fighter Cassius Clay. It was changed to Ollie or Olie & the dog never noticed the spelling. Wesley and Butty (I say Buddy - but he doesn't complain) were pound rescue dogs. My daughter has a heart in the right place.

So Christine showed up and we were giving her [ and her 3 dogs + my 5 ] a tour of the backyard: our tree damage, our new maple trees, various patches of grass - when Christine noticed that my little Greta jumped back a foot ---- See previous Snake Dog blug ---- "Jump back" means there is an issue. Before I could get there, Liesl had moved away and was running to the porch and little Oscar gave out a cry.

We started looking around her when Greta grabbed a 6-8" Baby copperhead and slung it around. You recognize the babies because the tip of their tails are lime green. The snake went into the leaves, limping I would suppose, & we got Greta back outta da way while the wife brought me a shovel. We dug around in the leaves and found the varmit.

To quote Alice in Wonderland: "OFF WITH ITS HEAD!" I cut that little beggars head clean off. Then I picked it up by the tail and showed it to every dog trying to scare them all with a loud noise as they took a smell. It worked on most; but not on Greta the Snake Dog. She went after that dead snake like it was fresh ground hamburger. That dog is a snake hater. (again see previous blog). The dead snake went over the fence into the neighbor's yard - let Sue & Heidi find it.

Later we surveyed the damaged. Liesl was laying on the back porch with her own stone. Her nose was starting to swell. We couldn't find bite marks but she was quite quiet. My wife called the Vet (another stone would be: dogs only get sick on Sat afternoon or on Sunday when the Vet is gone) Eventually after 2 calls, the answering machine found the Vet who called. Benedryl (this is one of those words I never want to learn to spell). Hamburger and one pill for our 18 lb dog. Chomp, one bite, burger & pill gone. She is resting.

About 5 min later it dawned on me that Oscar was not running and playing - not his normal behavior. I found him. His nose is swollen up and there is a bloody spot on the nose. More drugs and burger. Oscar is sleeping it off on the couch with his favorite ball between his paws.

I don't know if there is anything else to be done. We will watch them and hope for the best. If all is fine, those two dogs will have learned a great lesson about snakes. Greta on the other hand is still on the hunt.

It is nice to have Christine here. Other kids will be down in a couple of weeks.


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  1. today - you would not think they had ever been hurt. They are running and playing. Oscar's lip is a bit puffy, but that's it. Go Figure.