Monday, May 3, 2010

flaw in blogging

not a gem stone:

another flaw in the blog system: I enjoy making fun, but I must be careful. Let's assume that I have an acquaintance named -- BOB -- And Bob has some annoying habit (take your choice) - clicking his false teeth - saying "Y'know" - bragging about his daughter (when we all know her past) - drinks beer but talks champagne - likes Mayonaise - I mean, you just pick something, it doesn't matter. So, my friend Bob has this flaw.

If I were writing an email to my family, I would make fun of Bob liberally. My family would nod knowingly and we would move on. But, if I put this same bit on a blog, Bob might read it. Then, I would be embarrassed - for him and me. It hurts to hold my tongue (fingers).

It is suggested that I change the names to protect the innocent. That way Bob could become Wilbur. Now if Bob would die, it might become easier.

I'm fixin to post some old stones about things that happened in my teaching - jerk administrators, stupid students, parents who.... I have some of the best students, administrators and parents over the years. Others really had problems or were just plain slow.

minor bit: I had a parent once working in a concession stand. She iced down soft drinks. At the end of the night she started throwing away all unsold cans of drinks. She explained that when a can coke goes into ice and warms back up, all the carbonation is lost. I told her that it was an old wife's tale and stored the drinks for later. Now, that is not a major bit - it was just something that came to mind.

Thass enough = y'all take care now

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