Saturday, May 1, 2010

CSO Rides again

Tonight the Corsicana Swing Orchestra (a 16 piece big band-swing etc from days of yore with great vocalist Brenda Ballew ) is playing for a wedding reception and dance in Tyler. I don't expect to get rich. Just playing the trumpet in front of people is pretty much fun nuff.

This is a fun & competant group. If you get rich hire the band to play for you. Thursday night we are playing a concert at Richland H.S. - That is Richland south of Corsicana, not the Richland in the DFW area. They are having some type of jazz competition or playoff (beats me) & we are playing in the night concert. I think our final song for the night is In The Mood. Yessirreee Bob, we groove.

y'all come see, y'hear?

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