Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Amanda McKittrick Ros

I fall behind in my magazine reading; you can only spend so much time in the "reading room" without causing a stir. I just finished my Smithsonian, June 2009 edition. The Last page (known in the magazine as: The Last Page) has cuteness and warmth one page stories and commentary - a printed blog one might say. This particular article is talking about the worst author in history. Irish writer Amanda McKittrick Ros - apparently she is worth seeking out to read. I imagine if word gets out, there will be a Ros Festival on some college campus.

The article said that CS Lewis & JRR Tolkien held competitions to see who could read her work aloud longest while keeping a straight face. Here are a couple of bits: she refers to eyes as "globes of glare," legs as "bony supports," pants as a "southern necessary," and sweat as "globules of liquid lava."

Forgot to mention, the article is writen by Miles Corwin who teaches literary journalism at Univ Calif Irvine.

Looks to me that you should find her works to read:

1st novel Irene Iddesleigh (Mark Twain considered it as "one of the greatest unintentionally humorous novels of all time."

Last novel: Helen Huddleson

there is a biography called O Rare Amanda! published in 1954 and an anthology of her most memorable passages is in -- Thine in Storm and Calm 1988

with that I close to begin the Smithsonian, July 2009 edition

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  1. Sounds like I need to find a copy of her books to read.