Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hike plus

Just put this on facebook - will be curious how the reponses go:

Heard this on the radio & I had never thought about it - if someone from the Negro Race is an African-American, if they move to France (or England or Russia), what would they be called? Just call me a transplanted Okie-Texian-American.

Today started fairly slow. The wife & I took the three older dogs on a mile walk down the road and back. As we hike neighbor dogs fall in line and trek with us. Sue and Abby got into a fight. I did my best to break it up. Abby had a bleeding ear. We escorted Abby back to her home - keeping Sue at bay (so to speak). Fritz led our charge most of the trip. He has this boy thing about leading - and marking. Good dog. All 3 are napping as I type. good dogs.

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