Friday, May 7, 2010

red vs. white

Some days it just doesn't pay to do good. Just now I went into the laudry room where we have a small refrig left over from my office days. I keep soft drinks and stuff. Do to my "condition," which I have not discussed herewithin before, I get to eat a snack at night. I have to limit my carb intake at these times; yet, I must have some carbs. I don't know why, but this machine will not allow me to make paragraphs...sorry it make get harder to read. So, in my effort to be good with the carbs, I took out a 6 pack of V8 Spicy cans wrapped in plastic. As I removed the 2nd can, it flew to the floor landing upside down & yes, V8 juice enveloped the white laundry room. Normally I might say that bright red looks good against a white background. But, not in this case. I grabbed int inverted can as fast as I could. A puddle of red oozed under the door. Along came Fritz (my black & tan dachsie) - as I worked on the splashes, he cleaned up the floor. That boy likes Spicy V8. I do too; not on the wall & washing machine though. This would be a V8 stone.

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