Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Dallas Paper this day...surely you have all heard about the 22 yr old guy who enrolled in Permian H.S. so he could play basketball and helped them get into the playoffs. He told them that he was a homeless Haiti refugee and a Sophomore. The coach even kept him in his h ome at times...there are more details but you can find those. The newspaper implied that they didn't understand why he did this. To me it is obvious - not even considering that he now arrested for making out with a 15 year old girl in the school.

guys name was Guerdwich Montimer - he had taken the name Jerry Joseph. So many questions: like h.s. transcripts - TX requires students have social sec #s... and more.

#2 didja read about the girl, Nancy Salas, who faked her own kidnapping to avoid telling her parents that she had dropped out of Univ. Calif @ L.A. (would that be UCLA?) T W O Y E A R S ago. This is one dump broad. Her father is unemployed and her mom cleans houses for a living.

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