Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Dec. 6th - I hope things settle down a bit - SOON

 As always, I start my blog thingy with an apology for coming here infrequently.  

THIS was the week (end) that was.  Some TIMES are better than others.  I'll start with the good thing:

Sharisa, one of my favorite all-time students when I taught at Manor, French horn player, graduated pretty much when I graduated (retired from teaching).  Days and years have passed.  I saw where Sharisa will be 40 years old on Saturday.  40 years old.  I suppose she was 18 when she graduated - when to college - came back, married Chris (former trombone player), & taught school - and became an elementary Principal.  Can you believe it?  I have problems with the age thing.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Sharisa even though she'll never read this.

My own oldest turns 59 this year.  I can't stand it.   My wife & I did hit the 83 mark this year...not that I'm counting.


I'll make this next item short.  Saturday morning,  I woke up about 8 a.m.  Normally, I snort and roll over, hoping for 9 o'clock.  I heard this really loud noise to my right.  I though one of the dogs was into something.  I rolled in that direction.  It was my wife.  Her breathing was labored and loud.  Jumping out of bed I ran around to her side of the bed and tried to wake her.  It was no use.  I could see she was having some type of episode.

As best I could, I rolled her over on her side and tried to see if the breathing was anything I could help.  No.   She was in trouble.  I thought seizure and worse.  With her on her side.  I grabbed the phone and called 911.  The guy was very nice and helped me with what I was trying to do.  When he & I figured out that his job was through, I quickly put on a pair of pants - pajamas are not for visitors.  I found the 3 dogs and got them into the back yard - locked out.

The front door was opened and unlocked.  I called my oldest.  She had gone into work early that day as a sub helping the company out - got off about 7 a.m.  She was on her way.

Paramedics arrived through the front door.  2 of them.  Older guy and a younger gal.  They settled right in  on the problem - oxygen etc.  3 other guys showed up and joined into the process.  I stood back and tried to breathe.  Eventually, one of the guys came to me and said something like,  "I want to be honest with you, she is very serious.  I believe she has had a stroke."  We discussed the Directives and whether I'd agree to a breathing tube.

After what seemed like an eternity, they rolled out the front door and to the ambulance.  The tube was inserted there= I believe.   Doesn't matter.  They were gone on the way to Baylor Scott & White in Temple.  In time Christine arrived  - dogs were freed - and we were off to the hospital emergency room.  All of this took about 45 to 40 minutes total.  felt like hours.


Arriving at the hospital, we were ushered into a room.  By this time she had come out of the trance and was talking and questioning.  Making it brief, we met 475 doctors, staff, and nurses.  I paid them $75.  She was moved up to the 6th floor.  Christine spent the night with her.  Family was called and arrived.

Now was it Saturday when this started or was it Friday.  I just couldn't tell you.  It could have been 4 or 7 days.  that's a blur.  

Doctors decided it was a seizure only.  Her first & my first. One night in the hospital  - all children arrived via car and plane.  Home on Sunday for rest and one new drug.  As of now, all seems fine.  Hope and Pray for no more seizures.  They are terrible.


Moving on.  Tuesday morning I had cataract surgery on my left eye.  Wed., the doctor said the new lens showed 20/20 vision.  Right eye will be next Tuesday.  That was an experience for sure.  If you want a running dialog on CADILLAC surgery $$$, let me know.  My eye still has pain at times.  I have removed the left lens from my glasses.  I can pretty much see in sync that way.  Novel experience.

Dr. Morgan at BSW.  I can recommend his work (if you ask).

Let's stop now.  I'll to babble more in the future.  Y'all take care.


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