Thursday, December 7, 2023

Dec. 7th - more

 Pearl Harbor day.  I was only 2 years old when that happened.  I don't remember it.  I wonder if the Japanese people are getting tired of hearing about it?  

Little bit about my cataract surgery for those who have had the experience - - In my case, I arrived at 9:30.  Bells on.  They had me use dial anti-bacterial soap before I came.  I don't know why.  My instructions said to not shave the area.  So, I left my eyebrows and eye lashes alone.  But, I did shave my teeth and tongue.

I had to remove my top - shirt - and get all metal out of my pockets.  A gown was put on over my jeans.  They put blue things over my shoes which remained on.  Interesting.  One doc said I would not be completely out - just  really happy.  I suppose I was.  Rolled in & done in a few short minutes.  I was awake by the time I returned to the room directly from the operating room.  Who'd a thought?

I was out of there before 11:45.  My eye doctor left me with the following sentence, " Enjoy your lunch."  And, I did.

They put a plastic thing over the eye secure with tape.  It came off when I got home.  I sleep with the plastic guard for a week to keep my from rubbing the eye while sleeping.

On the next day, I was back at the hospital.  More drops in my eye - read an eye chart - he says the eye is testing as 20/20.  That's the best I can remember since the 6th grade.  The right eye goes under on Tuesday.  More eye drops, more happy sleep juice, and a new plastic eye patch.   My brother-in-law suggested I get a black patch so I could be more like a pirate.  Maybe next time.

Today is trash day.  I'm washing clothes.  In my 61 years of marriage I never washed clothes or rarely made the bed.  Conditions do change.  Now, I do both.  I guess it is some type of punishment for a few of my sins.


We tried a new (to us) Mexican restaurant last night.  I think it is part of chain that is in Jerrell and Temple on loop 363.  We will not be going back.  The food is fine.  The hot sauce is really nice.  But, the music is so loud.  We were unable to have a conversation.  I turned down my hearing aids.  The wife was in a "state" - we ate and left before she could have a meltdown.  Where did we go?  We went to sonic and got her a Vanilla trick or treat Blast...her 2nd one ever.  It was wonderful and seem to make the world all better.  I can't remember the name of the restaurant - across the street south from Belton Walmart and a bit to the west -- green lights on it.  

see ya soon

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