Saturday, December 23, 2023

sniff - wheeze - snort - garafetch - honk!!!

 Ending my 2nd day of blowing my snorting nose.  I can be sitting quietly when there is a bit of tickle in side of he nostril; then, if I'm not fast enough with the Kleenex, a clear liquid will flow out and drip on whatever is below.  Splash!  Neat little circle of clear liquid - none of yellowie goopy stuff that seems to follow an infection.

Now, sure, this is not earth shattering.  People get colds all the time.  I don't.  No temperature.  No sore throat.  Just - wait for it - wait for it - tickle tickle - FLOOD!

Before I continue, please note that I realize a tissue is a tissue  and Kleenex is a copyrighted trade name.  In my world, they are one and the same ==> like all soft drinks are Cokes, all refrigerators are Frigidaires.  Generic words.  Why is my computer telling me that this program's program is having trouble updating what I am typing.  It is suppose to be automatic.  Does this mean that my wi-fi is not working?  nope, not it.  Just checked my phone and it says we are connected.

So that is it.  Christmas Eve Eve and I am 2 days into being a dripping monster.  Hasbro may want to make an action figure based on this.  I remember when a certain doll came with diapers.  You put a bottle of water in the mouth, it flowed out the other end.  I suppose little girls and weirdos liked that idea. What's wrong with an action figure with a dripping nose?  

So that's it.  Waiting for a couple of days now for the actual Christmas Day.  The daughter has made some delicious klubosniks and blue berry muffins.  Add in a ham and sweet potatoes.  It all adds up to being a nice couple of days if I can just get by the tissue issue.  I like that.  tissue issue.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.


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