Sunday, December 17, 2023

I am Naked

Different happenings affect different peoples in different ways.  

Now, that was a jewel of a sentence.  I read in this morning paper that some teachers (they cited a couple of female HS teachers in the St. Louis area) - some teachers were joining pornographic websites and posting pictures and videos.  They make money doing it.  Really?  Yes, really.

One young lady said she saw no problem since she never showed her face.  Really?  Yes, really.  That is why people go to porn websites, I am sure.  "Oh, man, did you see that video?  My English teacher didn't even show her face!" The lady said she had paid off her student loans with the proceeds.  Of course, that is worthless since she may never teach again, and she'll have to go back to school to get a new major - one with less standards. 

That/This is NOT why I am naked.

Sidebar:  would people actually pay money to see an over-weight, 83 year old balding man - don't forget my prominent age spots????  Age spots are so attractive.

Moving on.

Two weeks ago, on a Tuesday, I had my left cataract lens removed and replaced with a brand new lens - acrylic product.  Then, last Tuesday, I returned to have the right eye operated on.  Now, I have two new lenses in my eyes, no cataracts.  The doctor says my eyes are now 20/20.  I don't doubt it.  I see things far away without my old glasses.  Doctor suggests that I will need READERS for up close work.  Follow me here.

In the 6th grade, my parents took me to an optometrist in Lubbock - nice gent.  He determined that I must wear glasses.  How old was I in the 6th grade?  I'm guess 11 since I started a year early in school.  Do the math:  I am 83 now.  I have worn glasses since I was 11.  =  equals  =  I have had glasses on my face for 72 years.   72 years!!  That's a long time.  Plastic frames - metal frames - plastic lenses - glass lenses - single lens - bi focal lenses - graduated lenses - and, let us not forget:  Broken plastic lenses held together with black plastic tape.  You name it; I've had em all.

I remember once, in Ardmore, one of my top high school clarinet players - boy  - Joel Johnson, Jr. = came to class with new wire framed glasses somewhat similar to what Benjamin Franklin might have worn.  This was in the 70s.  He swore it was the next big thing.  Not for me, I muttered.  I was wearing great big ole black plastic glasses that hugged my head on the sides.  BUT, Times Do Change.  My last pairs were metal.  I was swearing that I'd never get them thar plastic frames again like those we see on TV.

My Readers are plastic, of course.

So, you see, I have worn glasses for 72 years.  I'd take them off to read up close.  That was easier than holding my head up and looking down through the progressive lens bottom in order to read.  I could read fine.  But, when I stood, I grabbed my wire-frames and dressed myself properly.

I utterly feel naked without my glasses attached to the front of my face.  Conspicuous, too.  I just know that every stranger I meet at Walmart is staring at me wondering where my glasses have gone.   In truth, they stare for other reasons.  I am not easy to look at in my old age.  I fit naturally into the Halloween crowd.  And, then, of course, there is that finger sticking out of my nose.

I wonder if I can get some some wire frames with clear lenses?  If not for me, for the policeman who pulls me over and says, "Your driver's license says you are suppose to wear glasses.  Step out of the car, sir."  Growing old is not easy, so they say.

As we left the doctor's office after our last post-op visit, the doc said something about the good of cataract surgery.  Cataracts never return.  I tried to get him to understand:  it took me 83 years to get Cataracts, can he promise when I am 166 years old, that I will not have a return of the dreaded cataracts?  I think not.

I leave with this thought.  They should not be named cataracts.  Based on the costs, Cadillac is more fitting.

Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year to y'all !!!


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