Saturday, December 30, 2023

that's it - over and out - goodbye

 Yes sir, that's it !  I'm through.  Finished.  Whomp. Omega, No More, Blah .... &*^$@$^**^$&   ... where the sun don't shine.  Bugs in the flour.   Cheeeeee

One more day and U B Gone 2023.  Nobody wants you to hang around; Nobody!

Fine  -  D.S. al Coda - ZZZZZZZZZZ --  All Done.  Had It!!  Move over and give somebody else a chance.  Brown shoes in a row of tuxedos.  Check your zipper.

Zip = Nada = Finis  = Bottom of the Barrel = The End!!  Snore = Had it =  Yuk = kaput

What else can I say?  Lights off.  Nothing to see here.   Move over shorty.  Over and Out.  Up chuck.  You chuck.  Chuck Chucks.  Just window dressing.  


Can 2024 be any better?

I heard that it doesn't speak well to "drop the ball" starting a new year.

Sure we all have issues with what happens under our watch. All of us.  There will be mistakes in 2420.


While you are here.

Happy Birthday to my oldest child.  She's not to happy to have the actual year number broadcast to the World.  What World?  As if My writing reached thousand, even hundreds.  I respect her wishes.

Had a new experience today.  In my 83 years, I have never made a cupcake.  Today, I did.  Red Velvet cupcakes right out of a Duncan Hines box.  Icing comes next.  Another new experience.  Yes, I have led a sheltered life.  Birthday Cake is red velvet with white icing.  Y'all come.  (really, that wasn't an invite for people to show up on my doorstep.  Go make your own cupcakes.)(with white icing).


Love this.  That may sound cruel.  Did you know the gentleman who invented the Wind Chill Factor for the weather bureau has died?  Yes.  He has died.  He was remarkably 83 years old as I am.                      but, it felt like 72.   Whoosh!!!!!!!!  


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