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H.S. SPORTS {& side bar on names}

This morning, I had no intention of doing another blog/blug thing.  Sat. morn.  Nuthin' goin' on'.  We have no plans for today.  Could run into town to the farmer's market - cascade into Temple for a couple of estate sales - visit Belton Walmart to make fun of people - side trip to Killeen for Chinese food - slog over to Stillhouse Hollow Lake to look at the new sand bars (we are getting thirsty)  =  stay at home and not watch TV.  What's on TV on a Saturday?  Golf. Sports. Cooking Shows. Bad News. Cartoons. Must be something interesting on TV.  Jewelry sales?  Emeril hawking toaster ovens? Prostate shows?   Nah, none of these meet our standard.  We do have standards.

Got up.  Put on pants.  Walked out front to retrieve newspaper ( "i" B4 "e," except after "C" ).  Pulled a couple of Eggos from our deep Frozer.  Sugar free syrup + butter  and OJ.  Pretty good breakfast.  I'll be hungry by noon.  Opened newspaper to sports page.  3 articles on the  1st page that got my juices going.


The first.  Wait.  I am not a sports fan except when it comes to Texas Tech.  That is only because I went there.  I want them to win because it makes ME look better when I apply for a job.  At 82 and 5/6ths, I apply for a lot of jobs ya know.  Still, granddots attend Tech.  I support them & Tech in every way except spending money and waving flags,

Back to regular subject:  the first article.  Two H.S. in Belton.  Belton HS (as you may have guessed) and Lake Belton HS north of town.  Interestingly, I believe Lake Belton is located in Temple city limits.  Hmmmm.  L.B.H.S. is pretty new.  They have only been playing competition ball for a couple of years or so.  or so.  SOOO, they played Leander Rouse last night, Friday, at LBHS.   One Minute before halftime,  L.B. is ahead 34-10.  WHAM!!!   BAM!!!!  Sparks Flew!! Everything went black.  A transformer serving the stadium blew up.  

As darkness settled on the stadium the moon was shining.  It was a cloudless night as most nights have been since it quit raining in central Texas last June.  Give your eyes a moment to adjust.  We have 2 hostile football teams lining the sidelines - 24 on the field facing each other with a (moon) gleam in their eyes.  Behind 34-10, I'm sure Rouse stood ready to play in the moonlight.  

It was just 1 minute before halftime.  Two bands are poised on the sidelines ready to march forth and demonstrate their wares.  Moms sitting in the stands wringing their widdle hands afraid their 6' 5" linebacker will somehow be electrocuted - maybe Chicken Fried if you will.  The good thing about dying at the game:  the school will dedicate the yearbook to you in the spring.  That is worthy of consideration.

I can see it now.  Nobody is moving except a lone hawk soaring over the stadium looking for a lost hot dog slathered in mustard.  The coaches meet the refs in the middle of the field.  Here comes the Superintendents and Principals and various other important figures (in their mind, important).  Much talking.  Much gesturing.   Much  looking at flaming transformer, sparking its heart out.   They called the game.  Right there.  It's over.  Nobody volunteered to climb the pole and spray water on the flame.

As the stadium empties - there must be no P.A. system to announce anything I would guess - all grope for belongings - teams scour the area to find all equipment and Gatoraide bottles - the bands tramp back to the stands to retrieve everything.  Their either head for their local bandroom or to the band buses.  Cheerleaders, not quite with the program, are still on the field making pyramids and flying through the air holding lit candles in their teeth.  

An hour later, all is quiet.  Not even the scoreboard is broadcasting the 34-10 first half score.  Band Directors are pleased to be getting home an hour and a half / maybe 2 hours / early.  I wonder if either band tried to do their halftime show in the moon light - just for practice of course.  It would have been a glorious - bring a tear to the eye.

The one redeeming factor:  everyone, NO, LET'S SAY EVERYBODY, turned on their cell phones, flashlights and all.  They could have aimed the phones towards the field and finished the game.  How fun would it have been to see a marching band flashing their phones to the rhythm of the music.

AND, THAT, was only # 1 from the sports page.


#2  I'll try to keep this short.  Temple H.S. FOOTBALL team has entered the record books by winning its 800th game - that is 800 games since football started in Temple maybe ABOUT 100 years ago.  They scratched through records and reports until they found 799 games.  Playoffs last year provided the chance for number 800.  But, the tigers lost in the playoffs.  Eagerly, we held our breaths as one, together, awaiting the 2023 season in order to score that 800th game.  Now, it has been done.  The thrill still lingers for those who were part of this season ... we will remember it in our hearts for years to come.  I imagine that at least one of the players will have it listed in his obituary 60 years from now.  "Bubba had 12 children and was on the Temple football team that racked up their 800th win for all time.  Members of team were: ......"  No mention of his children's names.

There was an article in the Temple paper last week.  You can find it online if you want to know what other Texas schools have triumphed 800+ times.  I know Amarillo HS was one.  I think they used to hire oil field roustabouts to come into town on Friday night and play for them - before you sue me - I'm not really sure about that; it was a rumor I once heard when I was teaching across town.

It is interesting that only 4 teams have ever had 800+ wins in their entire existence.  

Just a quick calculation.  100 more wins to 900.  10 games a year not counting playoff games.  If they don't lose again, they can have 900 in 10 years....assuming they don't win any playoff games.  If you have a 7 yr old football player, move to Temple now so HE/SHE can be a part of the 900th win.  Oh, the anticipation.


#3   I once read about a visiting team that took the opening kick and ran for a touchdown.  The home stands went silent.  On the next kickoff, the home team ran for a touchdown.  7 to 7    They began the game again, even.  Wish I had been there.

      Last year I read about a team that made the playoffs in Texas.  The locals were thrilled.  It was written up in the newspaper and the coach was praised.  Their record that year was 3-7.  In Texas, the top 4 teams in all districts advance to the playoffs.  Let's say there are 4, maybe 5, schools in your district.  All you have to do is beat ONE team to make the playoffs.  With only 4 teams in your district, your record could be 0-10 and still be in the playoffs.  Yes, we praise the coach.  I admire him for taking advantage of the situation to support his team (and his future job offers).  Wouldn't it be nice in life to be able to lose everything and still get a bonus?   I love sports (snicker).


#4 Before I start this last epic, I would like to apologize to anyone who may be directly insulted.  I really mean no harm.  The chances of mentioned people seeing this note is very small.

I was reading another sports page story when I ran across some first names.  In the article in the order they appear, here are the mentioned football player's first names.

We have Ja'Quorius covering a fumble - Braylan throwing a touchdown pass - Kardias ran for a touchdown - Kason caused a fumble - Coach is Rick - Cody recovered a fumble - Elijah scored  a touchdown - Dominic scored - Homero kicked a field goal - and Cole covered a fumble.  Sure were a lot of fumbles.

Whoever did this report must have had a list of players.  First names are interesting to me.  Some day go find a list of the local cheerleaders or drill team members.  The names are so different than when I was a kid.  We had Pat - Mike - Jim - George - John - Jerry.   My wife was a Brenda in elementary school.  There were 2 other Brendas in the same classroom.  Thus, she became Brenda Joy.  Preferred loved names change over the years.  You can't find many Brendas anymore.

I read that Katrina and Ida use to be popular names until the hurricanes hit New Orleans.  Now, nobody wants to name their kid Katrina - ?? afraid the kid will be a hurricane in the house ??

I'm through.  Keep your first name.  It's okay with me.  In the future, the world will have to learn to spell it.  My middle name is Eugene.  My mother blessed me with that, naming me after Uncle Gene.  There have been some great Eugenes in the world.  Perhaps you have met a few.

see ya, love ya, don't do stupid things....


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