Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Trump Parade

 Our lake (Richland-Chambers Lake) organized a boat parade to support Trump.  I've forgotten how many boats showed up with all sorts of decorations and flags.  I believe it was well over 100.  We went to watch.  Daughter Laura and hubby Tom were here fishing.  They went with us to watch.

For some reason, I didn't get  the memo.  We found a nice place to watch the boats.  But the majority of the boats didn't come by our place.  They had a different route planned.  But it was still fun watching all of the participation.

Our next door neighbor was out on his son's boat.  They had attached 4 big flags to the back.  There was this man and his wife on the shore who had a great big trump sign - professionally made, maybe 4 ft x 8 ft.  The guy wore a full head mask of Clinton - His wife wore a full head mask of Hillary.   I thought it was a great bit.

I hate to be a person who is too  upbeat - so - my complaint, if indeed it is a complaint.   I loved that this many people show up to show support  You cannot beat that attitude.  But is a boat parade the best image to show.  Perhaps, next someone will have a private airplane parade - or a BMW car parade.   The dummycrats who are looking for anything to fuss about - well, this might help.   

At least the Republicans are saying who they are and what they believe in.  I'm thinking the opposition fails to admit their positions.  Why would anyone think Socialism is a smart path to follow;  I don't get it.  And the press - supporting socialist candidates - what is one of the first thing that a socialist government does?   They suppress the press.   I just don't get it.



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