Saturday, September 19, 2020

Monetize Me

 This will probably get me banned in Seattle - or wherever Corporate is.

You may have noticed that I don't have advertisements on my site.  I had them originally - way back when.  Then, one day I was thinking - a dangerous occupation for the retired of mind and body - and I wrote about the advertisements on my site.  I was trying to make fun of the advertising concept on my blog.  A week later, the "company" told me that I had violated policy and would not have advertisements anymore.  Thus, I have no advertisements.

I don't have a billion readers, never will.  I had always heard that you earn about 1/2 cent when anyone visited one of your advertisements.  Considering, on a good day, I might have 10 readers - make that:  on a really really terrifically special good day, and, then, perchance / maybe / you never know - 1 person out of 100 visits might actually slip up and click on an advertisement.  Considering this possibility - how much money would I be expecting to put into my coffers during one month?.   I would guess a penny at most.

But, then, being a naturally born greedy person, I could get my wife to visit the site and click on every advertisement every day.  Ooooooo  You can't tell me that someone out there is not doing this.  Some person some where - Oooooooo Yeah!!  This could boost my monthly income to 10 cents or a quarter.  Well, it might.  It could.  You never know.  And, further considering, I would never be able to get my wife to do this - too ethical most times - I believe I am back to the penny earned per month.

So, I lost my right to have advertisements on my blog.  All gone - no warning - no finger shaking - just a curt note that I had violated policy.  I didn't even know there was a policy about making fun of advertisements and making big bucks.  Betcha anything, nobody read the actual posting - they just picked up a word or two, and the computer made a decision.

Now, a question.   How much money must you earn before they send you a check?  Surely, they don't send a penny check monthly.   $10?  $20?  My wife has a small holding in a very small oil well in Oklahoma ... inherited it, she did.  That company will not send a check until we get up to $30.   I have not seen a check in over 3 months.  Wealthy oil barons be we not.

I do have a savings account in a credit union.   For years, I kept less than a hundred dollars in that account.  My earnings would be about 1 penny per quarter (every 3 months).  The good thing is that I never had to pay income taxes on that figure.  That is a good thing?


Today I clicked on the "make money" button, just to see.  They put out a bunch of hoops to jump over.  I'm not sure that I am smart enough to figure this out.  And, when I am through, will I have to beg for forgiveness from Google?  Right now, this very moment, I am down on one knee pleading for forgiveness.

"Please send me my penny." 

One of these days, son Roger will be here, and I'll see if he can figure out what I need to do.  Retirement is never easy.  I need more money.  

Yep, no doubt, Corporate will read this and I will be banned for another 10 years.  Maybe longer.

See ya guys.  Time to feed the dogs.


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