Friday, September 18, 2020

starting the 81st

Tuesday my wife Brenda Joy turned 80.   It was pretty much a day like all days except we added in a few little things - I don't think that I will be given a merit badge for creativity on this birthday.

There is a nice restaurant in Fairfield (I-45 south of Dallas) called Sams.  It was started several years back as a BBQ place and evolved.  They still have terrific BBQ, don't get me wrong.  You can order off the menu or go through the buffet.  You should know by now which I choose.  The buffet includes great pies and cakes and other sweets.  Watermelon!!

Nobody wants me to cook a birthday dinner.  What would I serve?  hot dogs and ranch style beans.  Nothing better.  Instead, we drove down to Sam's and had the buffet.  It comes with a big loaf of homemade bread (or cornbread if you wish). The salad bar is very good - and the pies - don't forget the pies.  I talked to a guy yesterday who said, "when I go in and head for a table, I stop off and pick up two pieces of chocolate pie on the way."   Some people have priorities that click.

We ate and left.   Across the street and down a bit is Cooper Farms store.  We always stop in there to see if we can over indulge.  Finally, back up I-45  and a short visit to Walmart.  Someone's watch quit working this morning.  We tried to find a battery; but, none in that store.  Instead we found a Timex (ladies watch) that had been reduced from $46.97 to $11.  I'm not sure you can beat that.   I ordered batteries later from Amazon.  Now she has 2 watches instead of one.

We have been hatching this around for months.  We bought her an iphone 11 pro max to replace her old iphone 6.  She has been using that #6 for about 5 years - give or take.  It had to be turned off and on about 4 times a day to restart its little brain.   Getting a new phone for your birthday, that's okay.  It looks good on my award sheet.  (don't forget a new watch too)   To keep with tradition, I found a plastic device she could use in her pressure cooker (Instant Pot).  I do like to give presents that help with cooking.  You can't go to a buffet every day.  Can you?

The way I have it figured, she can use the new iphone 11 for the next 5 years.  That will give me an automatic gift to buy when she turns  85.   Planning ahead is smart.

The day ended at home watching TV and waiting for the 3 kids to call.  We wait expertly - nobody better.  All 3 "scored" with an evening phone call, so they are still in the inheritance pipeline.  

========================= Aside Bits ======================

Christine, daughter #1, has a basset hound, Annie.  Wednesday she had an operation on her back for a slipped disc or whatever they call it.  She had lost movement in her back legs.  It was either operate on the back - or fit her with wheels for the back legs - or consider putting her to sleep.  That has to be a tough decision.  We have had encouraging news from Annie's Vet.  Hopefully, she will be up and strongly barking in the very near future.


Our Bluffview Homeowners Association (HMO) has a website.  Members can ask questions or leave little tidbits for others to read.  Lost or Wandering dogs are a common posting.  Last Sunday, a post was made by one of our newest neighbors - who, frankly, we have never met.  The lady posted that she was the District Superintendent for the United Methodist Church.  They were planning a baptism for 6 o'clock that afternoon.  The UM Bishop would be down officiating (doing the deed).  How about that.   As a fairly loyal Methodist, to be living near the District Super is interesting.  

I assume they were going to use the lake for the ceremony.  I thought that was nice.


Stay tuned for future exciting adventures.  Nothing earth shaking yet.


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