Thursday, September 3, 2020

short Rain extension

 We picked up another  2 1/2 inches - giving us somewhere near 8 1/2 inches of rain for the 2 days.  Rumor says we could get a bit more.  Living on top of my hill & not at the bottom inside the creek bed - it is good...certainly better.

For those who don't know - in the Panhandle where I was raised, there are few creeks or no rivers.  Instead water pools in low spots called Playa Lakes.  When it rains a bunch out there, the little lakes become big lakes and cause problems.  In Lubbock, South Plains Mall is built on one of these.  They lose a big section of their parking lot after a monsoon.   

Not so much here.   We have creeks and rivers.  The Richland-Chambers Lake is where the Richland Creek and the Chambers Creek meet as they rumble towards the Trinity River.  It can get quite wet between here and the Trinity.  I hear - no personal proof - that alligators live in the vicinity especially towards the River.  

All is good.  See ya, 


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