Sunday, September 13, 2020

80 years, her turn

We had a different and fun day yesterday - parts were truly an adventure - nothing like the Bilbo or Luke Skywalker for sure, but for us, an adventure.

Our #2 daughter and her husband Tom are different than many people.  They seem to enjoy being together and doing little things that many of us dream of - but never do.  For instance: When Laura has a birthday or special event - Tom will decorate and make a festival out of it.  Lots of us will host a birthday party - sure - when there are only two of you in the house (plus dogs), you tend to let the festival atmosphere pass.

I've done my best to avoid birthday festivals for myself.  When your birthday comes during the middle of marching season - (remember high school students and the way they behave) - students in their efforts to be what they are - they will disrupt a full class marching rehearsal for any chance at a festival.  I always looked at it like:  anything to get out of class.  So, for me birthdays were silent events around the house and school.

My wife has a birthday coming up this next week.  It is one of those big numbers from which we all seek or shrink.

Young Spanish girls with their 15 year Quinceanera - Sweet sixteenth party - or sixteenth for a driver's license - 18th birthday and independence - 21st birthday and -  -  -  Then, we start the numbers: 30, 40, 50, 60 ... up to 100.  Each one has its special title and atmosphere.  50th?  somebody will decorate for you with black balloons.   

I remember on my 30th birthday, I was walking with some students towards the Ardmore band room in the afternoon.  They had some conversation going on as high school students will.   One girl threw out the remark:  "Never trust anyone over 30." This was during the 70s with all the hippies and hair.  (I had a flat top.)  

My next special day comes in about 3 months.  

But this bloggy is not about me.  The wife and I both turn 80 this season.  Younger people think 80 is for people who are stuck in retirement homes and confined to bed.  I have news for the youth, it isn't like that.  You don't feel any different at 30 - 50 - 80.  You may have a few more pains (see my left knee).  You may not be able to sit cross legged on the floor.  You may not be able to march a mile while blowing your horn (heading to the stadium).  There are so many of those things.  

On the other hand, I am smarter than when I was 20 or 30.  Aren't we all?  Change that.  I am "so much" smarter than when I was younger.   


back to the original thought.

Yesterday, daughter Laura and hubby Tom invited us to Waxahachie for BJ's birthday celebration.  We were to go to Getzendander Park by 11:15 (bring our own drinks).  Laura and Tom went to Olive Garden and bought lunch for us to have a picnic.  Getzendander Park is a really nice green area in western Waxahachie.  Terrific little place with grass and picnic tables and walking paths and pecan trees and bike riders and squirrels  (squirrels throwing pecans from the tree tops).  

We selected a picnic table under a set of trees and fixed the feast.  Out came the food.  Each of us got one of those great salads (not enough Parmesan cheese ever) with that great Olive Garden salad dressing.  They brought 3 soups, all different, a chicken dish and one of the Tour of Italy meals and something else - I forget.  Naturally, there were bread sticks. My diabetes limits my carb input - so I had some of the Italy tour and a big ole salad.  I confess:  I shouldn't have, but I did eat two bread sticks - the world's best.

This is an example of Tom and Laura's thinking.  I would never have thought of getting takeout for my mom's birthday.  It was such a good idea.  Did I mention they had a big ole birthday balloon?  It was tied to the table and fluttered over our heads until - yep, you guessed it - the balloon figured out how to break free and fly to a nearby tree.  The balloon string hung down just far enough to be out of reach ... even if you stand on a picnic table and stretch up.

Thoughtful presents were given and opened - a very large carrot cupcake with yummy looking white icing was shared after the obligatory candles were lit and blown.  The two candles spelled  8  0  .  My Brenda Joy was able to blow out both candles without spitting all over the cake ... or if she did, nobody said a thing.  Such polite folks.

It was a very nice afternoon in the park.   The food and companionship was way above great.  Someday this stupid virus will go away, and we can return to being humans again.  I certainly hope it happens before the big 81.

We are getting close to the age when we brag about our age.  Teenagers so look forward to each new birth date.  Little kids claim they are 2 and a half.  We are nearing when we say, "I am 85 and 3 months."   "I am 90 and 7 months." " I am 95 and a half."  We all aim at 100.  I suppose that 105 will turn a few heads.   So until that time, I leave you with this:

I am 79 and 10 months and counting.  My wife is 79 and 363 days.  The sun is shining; the wind is breezing; and the temperature hovers around 80.  Not bad considering.  

mtz, reading on the back porch.


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