Tuesday, January 31, 2012

End January

For an old retired guy - this is going (and is) a busy week. One of the running jokes for retired folks is that we are busier now than when we had a job. This is not totally true - maybe the less activity just takes up more time cause we are slower now. Beats me.

Saturday: 1 p.m. our home owner's association had the yearly meeting. I expected a wild meeting. One of the LOT owners has sued the HOA for two reasons - (1) he cannot camp on his lot and invite his friends down for the weekend and camp - HOA bylaws say that is a no-no. 2ndly he wants to put a for sale sign on his empty Lot. Seems like a good idea to me. Git rid of da guy. But, no, we have a rule put in by the original developer...y'see, when the guy opened the housing development (his name is Jackson), he put in a rule that nobody could have a for sale sign on an undeveloped lot - that way he had a monopoly.

So now all lots except the bad ones are sold - but the rule still stands; and, yes, I think we should change it. But, the jerk sued us before we had the chance.

That is just not right - he got mad and tried to bully his way in. The rest of the homeowners got their backs up & the rule still stands. Guess it will go to court.

We elected new officers (some of the old ones were re-elected) -- and my wife was appointed Treasurer. The old Treasurer recently bought a Lexus. There was some good natured kidding about her getting the car as she was turning over the books. Naturally, when there was a lull after my wife was introduced as the new TR. I quickly spoke up and asked if I got a new car. I am so funny.
Sunday: church choir - home - did little else that I can remember. Dug a bit in the yard. Took the purple martin house out and cleaned them for the new season. Purple Martins are fun to watch out over the water. Had to go back into town that afternoon and evening.
Monday: more digging in yard. Reinstalled the purple martin houses out by the waterfront. Dug a trench in back yard - am building a wood barrier to slow down water erosion.    Water level is now about 40 ft from the shore. When it reaches shore, it must rise another 4 foot to be at the lake's regular level; i.e., the lake is still down about 5 ft. I was so tired (from who knows what) that I took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I forced myself to get up at 5.
Tuesday: (this morn) 5:30 a.m. Fritz starts yelling. My wife got up and took them out to the Dog Pit. Fed them, etc. Then she got ready to go to town. At 7:30 I heard the front door open as she left. The dogs stated howling. It was pitiful. Gave it up and went in to shush them. Took quite a while. What got to the dogs was that sweet Fritz, my 9 + year old scruffy bow was on his way to the groomers.

When Fritz was hooked up to his leash, the others felt betrayed. They were staying home while Fritz walked out the front door. Let us howl. And they did. Wirehair dachshunds are groomed sorta like a schnauzer....but different. And in Corsicana, you cannot explain this properly. Poor Fritz. They went zip zip - left his eyebrows & some of his beard - left the hair on his tail (shouldn't) and the hair on his ears (shouldn't). He looks terrible but it makes my wife happy to have him trimmed. Fritz doesn't care either way.

The dogs were so happy to see Fritz when he got home. He didn't care either way as long as he got to eat supper. Which, he did.

Tonight, we went to town. Our local little theater had their first production of the year. The four cast members did a good job. Very entertaining. It is a surprise to me how many people are working back stage as the 4 actors perform. If I wanted to be a part of the community more, I think working as a stage hand, etc. would be a good hobby. Meet lots of folks.
Wed. tomorrow. have to go to town early. Wife has a dental appt. Then we have other exciting things to do. Tomorrow night: church choir for me and bell choir for her.  If time permits, am installing an outside light in the Dog Pit.

Thurs. Corsicana Swing Orchestra band rehearsal. I wish that I had practice a bit more before Thursday gets here.
Fri. May be a free day. i don't know. May rain.
Sat. Plan right now is to go to First Monday trade days in Canton. We will see. May need to drive north instead. Or not.  next week will be busier -- I already know it.  We love to see the puppies at Canton.

One of my daughters has a birthday next week - I am getting old.

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