Friday, January 27, 2012

Please Pouring Pot - end Jan.

pot pouring please

1. It came to me today. You cannot tickle a dog. Try as hard as you might, the dog just rolls over on his back and says, "oh yeah baby, do it again." I would imagine the same applies to cats, horses, and frogs.
2. I wore out another billfold this week. It was a trifold that was given to me by U.T. Johnny a while back. It worked for quite a while but lately had started to lose its pep, if a billfold can lose pep. Mine did. Into a drawer it went & out came a new one which was acquired sometime in the past. (The old one in a drawer is called Hoarding.)
              My new one, while a tri-fold too, would not hold the essentials. I tried. Back to the drawer for another (I own 3 new unused billfolds for some reason). This was a bi-fold and seems to work okay even though I have not used that variety in many a many year. I will be looking for a hungry tri-fold sometime in the future. I like their appearance - but it will have to be just rightly arranged inside to fit my standards.
              I hinted for one before Christmas. My people never get my hints. I get their hints. I have a rule that I will never buy an item that has been hinted me...for somebody else. Ruins the surprise if I buy what someone really wants. Instead I purchase what I want. That makes sense to me.
3. Our lake is starting to come up a bit. Instead of being 130 feet from the shore, I estimate it to be 80 to 90. That last 3 inch rainTuesday did some good. I do think I might be able to get the boat out IF I really had to.
               Above written on Wednesday. As of Friday morning we have 42 inches of water under the back of the boat and about 2 1/2 feet under the front of the boat. The water sprinkler intake is under water - we can water the yard again.The water line is still - give or take - about 45 ft from shore.
4. Watching the Today Show today the last segment. HODA had Carrie Fischer on as a guest host - or is it Fisher? doesn't matter. Carrie made me feel old as I look at Princess Leia (spelling flawed again ?). She has not aged as well as I had wished. She is quick of tongue and quite awake. But I am still sad for her. She has some strange gestures and behaviors which make me wonder. But, she is quick of tongue.
5. Had a great vision for another great movie plot. Zombies from Mars. Creatures from a Mars zombie penal colony are being transported when the transport gets lost and lands on the planet Jmilee where the attack peace loving Jmirovarians. Etc. Will be a great movie as soon as I get funding to start. Now let me think - where did that idea come from???
6. From the Netflix movie Jennie, story of Lady Randolph Churchill - "It doesn't matter what you do as long as you don't do it in the street and frighten the horses."
7. As I have previously told, I make memos on my phone to remind me what my next essay should be. Sometimes I do not remember what the memo means. The following is a memo quote. You make up your own stone cause I don't have the slightest idea at this bend of the river.
             "What I don't like about hampton and zxz and the motorhome beautiful I don't get a corn dog or eat in chinese we save money log me in free poker by eating in the motorhome for ho ho ho."
               It could be that I said this into my phone and the above is the automatic typing process. Now that I type it out - I understand part of it. Next comes my interpretation.
                   Interpretation: What I don't like about going to Canton in the motorhome (spending the night) for First Monday Trade Days is that we eat all meals in the motorhome and I don't get to chow down on a corn dog or turkey leg. Usually we eat lunch away from the First Monday play at a Chinese buffet.
                  When we go to Canton, the first 2 to 3 hours is spent in the Dog Alley area looking at puppies. We do love puppies. We marvel at the dachshunds and shake our head in wonder as people buy enormous dogs and pit bulls - not to mention the designer dogs selling for $300 - y'know, we use to call them Mutts. What are they thinking? We are always on the look for a pile of POMS in order to take a photo to send to Jim & E. It makes them jealous not to be there playing with the Poms. Then we eat Chinese. The afternoon is spent in the Trade Days area, walking and looking and walking and looking and walking. This last time, we found 2 buildings we had never seen or visited in years of looking and walking.
8. Advertisement seen on car at Walmart: "Talking parrots hand raised exotic birds 903-872-8031."
                    NOT, I SAY, NOT going to call that number.
                    When we lived in Plugerville one day, a pretty exotic bird landed on a bush by the house. It was easily captured. We took it to a pet store thinking they might have a listing of lost birds. Nope. Got a cage instead (wonder why they don't keep a listing?). Over time we gave it to daughter Christine. The bird eventually escaped its confines and now lives outside somebody's house in a bush - waiting to be saved. I do think it was trained to escape by the pet store selling cages.
9. Just sneezed. I don't know if I'm sick or just tired - or just sick and tired. Don't know. Went to my doctor this week for the 6 month checkup - we do this since I got the Diabetes diagnosis. All is fine. BP is 110 over 68. They say that is excellent. My A1C is 5.9, just barely under the 6.0 "we get worried again" number. I am keeping blood numbers down by diet - lack of good exercise - and playing with the dogs.
                I do have ringing in the ears. The Spouser wanted me to ask again.   I did.    Again. He said something like "That's the way it goes, everybody knows, that's the way it always been and how it's gonna be." (thanks to Purlie for lyrics)
                  But he looked into my ears discovering - believe it or not - wax.   The doc had me buy wax softener at store. Put it in; wash out ears; and now my ears have closed up. Everything has gotten really really quiet except the ringing which seems to have a new lease on life. More wash outs will follow.
               Protect your ears from noise; the ringing won't go away.
10. We all are aware of the Tim Tebow doing the praying thing within his football team. It is amazing how this has apparently offended groups of people. If the guy wants to pray, leave him alone. Somehow it is just fine to criticize him for that - but we are pounced upon if we even roll our eyes at Brokeback Mountain Boys or other events that are not politically correct to criticize.
                   A letter to the editor of the Dallas News came from a Jim Basham... who knows where this Basham guy comes from or who he be or if there is anyone who does care. His last paragraph was true in my opinion:
              " The outcome of a football game is won or lost on the football field, not through prayer, biblical scripture or the assistance of our Lord God. Amen!"
             that is what Jim said; that is what Jim Basham said.
             Now if he'd just put that in and left it alone, it might be okay. But the two paragraphs prior to the above classify this guy as a kook. I am going to type them in exactly as they were in the paper - and that will end this pot pouring for the night/day.
                   "...Tebow displays on his body John 3:16 ....Tebow threw 10 completions for 316 yards in a win over the Pittsburg Steelers. Coincidence?"
                  "Matthew 5:16 'Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.'...."Tebow threw five completions out of 16 attempts in a loss to the new England Patriots. Coincidence?"

So I leave this to your pondering. I can only say one thing about the above:



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