Thursday, January 19, 2012

January pot pouring

From my list of things to talk about that I have seen somewhere, sometime.

Going to look at website - On their radio show today a girl called in - took her pickup to a shop in New Orleans - it was leaking gas. The mechanic told her the problem was Mud Chiggers in the fuel line. Yep, Mud Chiggers. I love listening to Click & Clack.

On TV last night was a show about eating hot food and places to go for hot foods. Of course, why? I don't know., they started in New Orleans. 2nd location was in Grapevine, TX - Tolbert's - Frank X Tolbert was one of the first big chili cookers & involved in the Terlingua success story.

This is his place. I think he died. So a daughter or son or family representative makes it work. The show showed (cute set of words) several folks buying chili and eating same. Sweat and running noses were seen all around. Tolbert's has 3 levels of chili: cold, Medium, and Hot. It is located in Grapevine on Main street between north of Hwy 114 and south of Northwest Hwy. Fly into DFW? Stop off at Tolbert's for an eye opener on your drive towards Dallas.

I wanna go.

In the Dallas paper this week was an article about a fugitive, Jesse Dimmick, from Denver - who was facing a murder charge. He broke into this house in Sept, 2009, and held Jared & Lindsay Rowley hostage with a knife. Later they agreed to hide him for money. When Jesse fell asleep, the Rowleys escaped and turned the guy into da law.

Now Jesse sued them for breach of contract of an oral binding contract. Believe it or not, the judge threw the case out of court. Now is that a stone worth repeating?
--------- I watch the American Pickers TV show.  They have a website with their stuff to buy. Gonna go see.
Ever-once-in-a-while a thought crosses my mind - don't know what caused the memory to come out.

suddenly I caught myself singing those famous lyrics: Bowl a bowl a ball a penny a pitch....oh you bowl a bowl a ball - bowl a bowl a ball - then there is something about "the apple of my eye" singing bowl a bowl a ball a penny a pitch.

fab. song. wonder if it is on youtube?==============
nuff for now.

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