Monday, January 9, 2012

Quilt guild

I was reminded of the previous cake stone today as my wife left this morning to go to town.

Today, Monday, this is the date for the monthly Corsicana Quilt Guild Ladies meeting. Each month they meet on the 1st Monday; however because of New Years, the meeting was moved back a week. The plan was to have a meeting in the morning, all bring a pot luck dish, then cut material and sew things together in the after ... a full day of quilt guild fun and frolic (my wife prolly thinks I am making fun with that sentence - am not - they are a fun bunch full of giggles and snappy comebacks, all sewn together in one gigantic guild).

Have you ever been to a luncheon of quilt guilders? Most female gatherings of pot luck meals have lots of salads, carrot sticks, tine sandwiches with the crust cut off, gooey messy salad casseroles, and sweets .... you just know what food was at that table.  

I have little to add to this.  Wife took a nice gooey salad today - did not place it by the front door - and did not have an emotional start for her day.

Quilt guild is making quilts for kids and soldiers.  I think that is a nice thing.  They worked today on some of that.  This is not a funny entry - just life in the country - retired.   I stayed home and threw the ball for Oscar.

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