Saturday, January 21, 2012

This won't take long.

The wife & I decided to have an adventure this morning. A storage shed rental place had an auction this morning at 9 a.m. For me to be anywhere by 9 a.m. means I have an interest. Retirement should not allow for 9 a.m. Beeton Street Mini Storage place - auction. The adv. in the paper listed 11 units.

In contrast to the TV shows about the auctions, our paper listed what was in each space. It was a general list - not too specific.

Started at 9, we got there at 8:55. . . didn't even bother to register to bid. I had $30 in my pocket, so you know how serious I was. There was this one 6 ft guy who had a checkbook in the back pocket of his jeans - sticking out about 2 inches high. You could see a stack of money next to the blank checks. If I had been a slick pickpocket, he would have lost. It was hard to believe anyone would flaunt that stack of bills and take such little effort for protection.

The auctioneer came out carrying a small speaker system with a microphone held in his hand. He ate so much of that mike that I found it difficult to understand what he said - let me add - when the sound bounced off the building, that I could understand. He gave rules and rules and rules. One of which called for a $50 refundable deposit if you buy a unit. Once you clean out the unit, you get the fifty back. Another difference, they gave you until Monday to clear it out - or you could rent the shed for a month. Seemed like a thought.

The first shed had junk in it. A grandfather and his g'son (10 years old) got it for about 175, It was packed with junk. They high fived and were just giddy. On TV when a shed is opened, the crowd always oooooos and ahhhhhhhhs. Not at this place. Also the boss did not move the crowd around enough. You could not get up to see unless you were rude. One lady brought a flashlight - she must have been a pro. . . but she bought nothing.

Turns out only 7 sheds were sold. One had a desk only, not even a good desk.

Another had a plastic tub filled with Barbie Dolls - only.

The biggest shed of the day was packed. You could see 2 bikes, a frig, 2 window air units and who knows what else. There was a nice sewing basket. It looked like it belong to someone - their household goods. It sold for $575, the biggest of the day. The smallest was $25 for a room of sparse trash.

I figure - if you could go to a Corsicana sale with a thousand dollars and a complete lack of intelligence, you could buy every space. Then, all you would have to do was find a way to unload it. So I need to open a junk store - 2nd Hand Palace - Trash & Treasures. My wife said we could just go out into our garage for the same results - cost less.

Next time, I'm getting there early - registering - and bringing $40 in cash, moola, dollars, fins.

Doesn't it make sense that somewhere on the web is a place that lists all the storage space auctions. If there is not - what a great opportunity for a business. Think about it. That is a good parttime business for someone.

I'm retired.


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