Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bruno & glasses

I knew you'd want to see a photo of my boy Bruno.   He is one of the sweetest dogs ever.   A hugger and cuddleerererler -- whatever, he will cuddle.   2 years + old.  Chocolate dapple.
the other day I was throwing the ball for Bruno's twin brother - Oscar -   Oscar loves to chase the ball.   We threw and chased and threw and chased and  (you get the picture).   Bruno just sat  there watching.  He slowly stood and walked over to Oscar.   He quietly and deliberately snatched Oscar's ball and walked into the kitchen.  Bruno put the ball on the floor and laid down on top of it.    Oscar followed and just whined and chirped at Bruno.  He wanted his ball back.  Bruno just laid down and looked off into the distance.   Ball playing was over.  Bruno is funny.

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