Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday happenings

this is 2 part stone:

I will not go into the details of "why" right now - maybe that will be next week.

The local medical community felt like I should have a CAT scan and an ultra sound of my neck arteries - even though nobody thought there was anything wrong, I said sure. That is what we did this morning.

CAT SCAN: Things have changed since my last one. 30 years ago, I had one and they pushed me inside this long tube. I fell asleep during that test - it was a long dark test.

Today, I laid on a narrow bed which projected me into a doughnut thing. I was in and out in less than a minute. There was no deep dark tube to swallow me up. It was over and done with in a moment.

ULTRA SOUND: They were having a lot of traffic today in the Ultra Sound room. It took quite a while to get that done. The middle age-plus gray hair lady was quite nice and went around her biz as if she knew what was happening. The noises from her machine reminded me of a few horror movies.

When done, she said results would be sent to my doctor - so tomorrow or the next day. I asked her, "Since it may be a couple of days till I hear, should I be walking around holding on to a wall?"

She smiled and said, "I wish I had arteries that looked that good."

I told her it was clean living and eating a lot of greasy foods.

I got a laugh out of her that time.
The doctor called this morning  (Thursday) and said that nothing was wrong that could be found.   He said other tests were available for a bunch of other problems - but, we will wait to think about those.   He seems to agree that my food poisoning  - as I call it - from last Monday caused all my problems.


2nd stone

After the medical adventure we had a snack and went to a local Estate Sale. I like estate sales because I get to look at houses. You walk through looking at the way the house is built and what are considered treasures and their decorating ideas. All of this is fine unless you think about it too much.

These people spent their entire life collecting these things. And now as they get older, a stranger comes in and sells it all for a miserably low amount of money. Today for instance: here was a nice 3 bedroom with pretty nice furniture and lots of clothes and stuff.

The thing that bothered me was all of the photos and little statues of PUGS. These people had a little pug dog. All the toys were in a basket for sale. We bought a dog bed for $3 that had been used by their pug. I worry about my dogs when we are gone - whenever that may be - sure, I know my kids will take care of my pups - and I don't need my children to give me any assurances right now. But will they get Liesl's favorite toy or Oscar's favorite ball? Yeah, that is something I really don't need to worry about. In spite of all this, I have fretted "inside" all afternoon about that Pug.

Everyone thinks their own dog or breed of dog is the finest. I know that wirehair dachshunds are the world's greatest dogs. And these people had their ugly little Pug. Just sayin...

And that is it. Tomorrow I finish mowing the yard.

Y'all take care now, y'hear?


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