Friday, December 28, 2018

12-28-2018 A.M.

12-28-2018  10:59 a.m.  FRIDAY
Here I go again.  I will try to do this better as the year goes by.  I have come to grips with the concept that if anyone reads this, nobody ever comments.  I read other blogs and never comment.  So, I suppose it is just the way it is.  My thought now is to keep a running diary (not dairy) of daily things - just to see how that goes.  Hopefully, I will be able to create this as a habit.

Friday:  wind is brisk from north and upper 30ish temp.   lots of sun - all dogs are inside away from the chill. Greta has had 2 successful trips  to "wet" outside.  Greta, my blond 10 lb beauty, has just turned 18 years old.  She is going strong other than visual and hearing problems.  It is getting to be that she sometimes won't (or doesn't care to) make it outside in time to woo or wee  ( a previous blog entry explains those terms).  

Yesterday was Sadie's 3rd birthday.  Sadie is three years old.  She had dogie ice cream - old fajita meat - shared a can of wet dog food with the others - and I sang to her.  She only truly appreciated the food even though as a whole, she doesn't care about eating.

Bruno & Oscar on the other hand have a completely different view of eating.  LET'S EAT  24 hours a day - continuously,  And Greta just snacks sometimes if she feels like it and the moon is in its 3rd phase and I hold my mouth in just a certain way.  Eating has never been her thing.  Maybe that is why she has made it to 18 years plus.

Went to town yesterday to deposit rent check and mail real estate taxes to Ellis county for the rent house on Johnston Blvd.   Over $4000 seems like a lot for taxes on a 3 bedroom.

I checked  Walmart's post Christmas sales - everything still is too pricey at 50% off.  I may wait for the 75% sales.  I ran into the FUMC choir director and her husband at Walmart when I was trying to buy printer's ink - they were out of style 250/251.  I  looked for another insulated coffee thing for BJ ... they were out.  I did find my seal saver lubricant for my new power washer.

Went by HEB and came home.  Mail was sparse.
Back to today:  Brenda, wife, mom, BJ, girl, etc. is sleeping.  i think she found someone's cold over the holidays.  I may be on my own for lunch.  I see lunch meat sandwiches in my future.

Other than cleaning up, I charged my phone - helped dogs in and out side.  Retired our 2018 desk calendar to the IRS Pile of Papers - and have now turned on computer to do this.  We'll see how the rest of the day goes as I started taking down Christmas... 

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