Monday, December 31, 2018


Monday, Dec. 31, 2018 waiting for the new year's eve program to start on TV.  I'm sitting here eating toast and drinking a glass of tomato juice laced with salt and Tabasco. I could be watching A&M play at some bowl game; but, I really don't care.  I rarely get upset when any team wins or loses.   Instead I have Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 10 playing on the tube.

Recently I finish watching every (THAT'S EVERY) episode of Perry Mason and Matlock.  I feel qualified to take over the defense of anyone wrongly accused of a murder.  Obviously, law schools should include binge watching these two  before issuing a license to practice law.  Now, I am working on watching all episodes of MONK.  Pretty soon I should be qualified to apply for positions as Police Chief most anywhere.

Speaking of Matlock - I love those episodes which are sprinkled with music - all types of music.  That reminds me that I watched a few episodes of Peter Gunn recently...a 30 min show from the 60s, which I didn't enjoy watching - the music (jazz) is great.  I mean it is really good.  The bad guy on Criminal Minds just poked a man's eye out with a needle.  I'm not sure I need to watch this one.
Weather was nicer today - in the 60s - light wind - but, they say colder weather is coming tomorrow. When you have an RV, all water must be drained from the system before freezing weather.  I had hoped to go on an adventure before colder weather - didn't make it.  So today, the wife and I drained the water system and blew air through the pipes to clear them out.  It is a process which must be done one step at a time.

For those who don't know, you have 2 sewer systems on an RV:  the black and the grey.  Gray is just water - showers, dish water, just water.   Black is the heavy duty stuff from the toilet.   2 different system.  When you empty the system, one dumps the Black first using the Gray as a method of cleansing  the sewer hose.

I am about to admit to a crime.  Today when I was doing the blow out of pipes, water went into the Gray system as it exited the pipes.  Knowing that I didn't want to leave water in the Gray tank, I pulled the gray valve and put the hose out to drain it.  Gray water is not truly filthy.  I had a cap on the hose - forgot to take it off.

About the time I was nearing the end, I remove the cap and let it flow - THE CRIME -  out of some form of stupidity old guy not thinking - I had pulled the Black valve instead of the Gray.  It had "stuff" in it.   The goop flowed - or is it flew?  My shoes were hit - the ground reeked.  What a stupid mistake.   Embarrassed I am.   I had no water available to clean up the place,. nothing.   The EPA will be looking for me, I know.   Tomorrow I should go over there with Clorox, a brush, and several buckets of water.  But, I won't.

Tomorrow is a new year full of new expectations and events - we shall leave 2018 and all my stupidity behind.  I may look for a chapter of PSA to join (Pooper Scooper Anonymous).

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