Sunday, December 30, 2018


Sunday, Dec. 30th nighttime
It came to me today that I should not write one of these everyday,  Burglars could figure when I  have left town by reading this.  I would hate for someone to break in - to set off the alarm - to have to deal with our German Shepherds - to meet our next door neighbor who recently retired from being a police chief .... you got the picture?
Today is my oldest daughter's birthday.  Christine was born in 1964 - guess that makes her about 54.  No way I have a child that old.  She was a cute baby and little kid - full of intelligence and go go go.  She was reading way before the first grade. So another birthday has passed.

Other than that, the weather continues to be bad - cold & starting to rain right now. 
I did go out and play ball with Oscar this afternoon.  That boy would play ball in a monsoon. 
Lunch:  we tried something different.  I bought a few pork ribs the other day.  I was thinking we might cook them in the smoker.  Wrong.  You don't smoke stuff in this weather.   My wife browned them on the stove - grill thingy.  We have this pressure cooker - you've seen them advertised - the ribs went in and came out 20 minutes cooked to perfection.   Well, maybe the local BBQ place would argue that opinion.  But, what do they know.  I liked them. They were good.   A little extra BBQ sauce helped.   Ranch Style beans and a baked sweet potato.
tomorrow is new year eve.  I always enjoy the TV broadcasts of the fireworks and music...except when all they have is country and rappers.

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