Saturday, December 29, 2018

Sat., Dec. 29th 10 pm

Sat. Dec. 29th abt 10 pm
non- eventful day.   cold outside with a north wind.  My dock is dangerously close to being under water.  It is splashing up on the sides as I write.  also, I have this little boat slip cut into the shoreline.  It is underwater and taking quite a beating.  I can see future major repairs on this.  Weatherman is talking about more rain.  We had 3 inches just a couple days ago.  It is possible for us to get another 2 this week.

We started putting away Christmas decorations.  Tomorrow they'll go up into the attic to rest for a few months.  Circle of Life.  You take the decorations out - you put the decorations away.  So far I haven't bought any new decor on sale.

Flipped over to see part of the OU / Alabama ballgame.  OU is in trouble.  Just for a moment I thought I was watching Tech play.  New coach at Tech for next year - I wonder how long he will survive.

Mail brought only bills - the newspaper - and an advertisement to take river cruises in Europe.  The cheapest  cruise is around $4000 - up to ;$11K or more. I'm thinking I don't need to get my passport anytime soon.

I am doing Ancestry stuff.  Last night I ran across someone who has my ancestors.  This person has tracked that line all the way back to near 400 B.C.  When I see stuff like that, I wonder how they were able to get this done.  Sure, I'm gonna put this line into my family tree.  It could be right.  It could be wrong.  Either way, putting it online is free.  Now some other klutz (like me) will read my family tree and copy it way back to 400 B.C.   Ya see, it is the Circle of Life again.

Decorating outside for Christmas can have nice results.  My son in Lubbock has a computer program attached to his decorations - it is "dance" of lights to a "musical concoction" - seen by hundreds in the Christmas season.
We take the local Corsicana newspaper.  One of the syndicated columnist is a Dr. Don Newbury.  I enjoy reading his articles.  Often he talks about his Uncle Mort - "106 and counting."  His column toady was fun telling of misconceptions that Uncle Mort has had.  Newbury has a 817 area code, so he must live near Ft. Worth.  He gives speeches for money - a worth occupation.

A couple quotes (paraphrased):  The most exercise Uncle Mort gets is "jumping to conclusions." In this colun he talks about Dr. Nieder of Colorado - "the Jerry Seinfeld of Medicine."  Nieder has a website    This might be a fun website to visit.
More tomorrow.   

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