Monday, October 1, 2018

October 1st

Here it is October 1st - 2018.  I see my last post was in 2017.  I understand this.  While I can write stuff, nobody listens.  If I am the only one who listens to me, why write?  I can tell myself things sitting on the back porch.  I rarely argue with myself.  The debate is minimum.  I have been considering printing a hard copy of all my posts, past and future; then, I'll create a notebook - 3 ring type - and keep it on a shelf.  Is it possible that one of my future great, great, great, great grand children will find it to be worthy of a read?

I have been doing some genealogy stuff this year.  I find it quite interesting even though I really cannot prove most of my results are valid.   I can go back to great grandparents with some certainty.  But, when I get further back, there are some questions.  Too often I reply on research done by others. One of my lines goes back to a year in B.C.   Minus 325 I believe.  I do roll my eyes when I type that.  

There is royalty in my family line.  King de Bruce of Scotland - the 3 King Edwards of England - a couple of French kings - the Plantagenets -  even a King  back into Switzerland - the list goes on including a Queen from somewhere in Spain... I seem to be lacking any Romans.  

Maybe, someday, if I feel like it, perhaps, or not, I'll find a way to post my family ancestors.  Of course, if someone's research was faulty, then I'm probably just fishing here.   

Henry Hudson of the Hudson Bay Colony shows up in one of my lines.  An aside:  my wife is doing the same.  She has a couple of the King Edwards too - which makes her my cousin, or aunt - depends - she is not my grandmother.  Daniel Boone is one of her uncles (she descends from Daniel's sister)  Her list goes on too.   Right now my wife is in the process of gaining membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Me thinks this would be "swell."

So, I got my paperwork started for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution.   If I get approved, THAT and a dollar will buy you a big gulp.    Right now, I have 59 great grandfathers who were alive in the USA in 1776.  It is logical some of those fought in the revolution.  

(insert a smiley face here for me)😁

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