Sunday, July 14, 2013

windows and rain


It has not rained in North Texas in over a month.  I cannot remember the last rain we have seen.  This bothers me since I have to water the yard to keep the grass working. The rains came today.  Albeit not much rain as it seems - we got a quarter inch of a slow misty rain today.  The best kind for grass.  But - I ramble.
Today, Sunday, up and dressed for church choir.  We walk out of the front door and drive away in the Marauder.  A small amount of mist gathers on the windshield.  I have to use the intermittent wipers at the lowest setting.
Our newspaper is left up by the font gate of the development.  Keep in mind - it hasn't rained in over a month - I pulled into the slot, lowered my window, grasped the paper, and pushed the button to raise the window.   Nothing.   The little motor is running but the glass has fallen out of the tray. This use to happen to me way back when I could reach inside and fix it.  Not with a Marauder.
There we are sitting at the paper spot with a broken window and rain is coming.  How long has it been since it rained in North Texas?  Just long enough to wait for my window to default.   Go Figure.

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