Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fritz update and Marauder update

Update on our boy Fritz.  (see previous post in yellow)  He had been throwing up for over 24 hours.  Listless.  Showed absolutely no desire to look at food.   This is our boy who eats dog poop as a special treat if he can find it in the yard before I do.   ( WAIT!!!  I just reread this part.  He finds the scat to snack - I look for it with my little shovel and pail to throw away before he gets it or the flies plant their little eggs in it - yes, more poop = more flies.   We have been fortunate around here to have minimal flies - I think it is because of my efforts with my deluxe model pooper scooper.  So is that clear now?  I don't eat poop.  I think I had to a few times while I was teaching - when I had the typical poor administrator.)    He does not just eat eat poop, he has certain types that are favored - I'd guess flavored - but that is neither here nor there in the update discussion.  I put one of those bacon treats under his nose and nothing.   Think Shultz  and say  "NOTHING"
Called our vet and got a machine telling us to call their nighttime emergency line.  I did this same thing over 3 hours, never getting through.  Went to the emergency number and learned our Vet was gone till next week.  This was on Monday, all day Monday.
On Tuesday morning my wife called again and got an actual person - his 12 yr old phone answering person who said all were gone till next week.  Didja ever notice these people who answer phones sound like they are 12, maybe 13 - nothing against 12 and 13 year olds.  Without them, where would we get 14 yr olds?  And that is a debate left for another time.
My wife asked the young lady if they rreeccommeennddeedd another Vet while ours was gone. Well, yes they did - the 24 hour emergency pet clinic in Arlington off I - 20.   Look on  your map. That would be a drive well over an hour plus the pain of finding their store.  The suggestion was not met with glee.
The wife called another local vetty with whom we have had a minor dealing -- they were the vet for the dog next door who swallowed one of our fish hooks out on the dock  and  for when their dog was dying of heart worms.  Both of those stones can wait.  Spouse called and got another 12 year old who stated their vet was gone till next week.  They had no suggestions for us.  You'd think the local vets would get off their snooty high horses (so to speak) and help each other out when they go out of town - a servie, you might say, that would benefit their own clients.  I'd think that. Maybe you would too.  But keep in mind - most of these Vets came out of A&M.
Called a 3rd vet - this one has inexpensive boarding fees.  We have been there before.  A father and his daughter and son - all 3 are vets - walk in care, no appointments.  We went as fast as our Marauder tires would allow.  The young man (vet) gave Fritz the once over - quite professional I'd say - and decided that Fritz needed to stay for tests.  Talk about service, about 2 hours later, he personally called us back and gave a decision.  I like that.
His preliminary test indicated that Fritz might have pancreatitis.  can't spell that one.  Pancreatic with the i-tis attached to the end.   pancreitis.  nope that looks wrong too.  Who cares; I don't need to know how to spell the word.  I am retired.   They are keeping Fritz in their hospital over the weekend.  They hope to re-introduce him to food on Friday, tomorrow.  If he is still as sick as he was, tomorrow will be fine.  
Daughter Christine thinks we will have to start feeding him boiled chicken and rice when he gets home.  If that is the case, we will have to ween him off of dog cookies and chew sticks.  That concept is a difficult one for me to fathom.   Poor Fritz.  Y'all think about my boy for me.  Hopefully Monday will bring a revised and fixed boy for us.   I am too young to lose another dog right now.
Marauder stone:  
Took the car into get a window fixed that wouldn't move up and down.
When I pulled up to his shop, I noticed wire sticking out of the front left tire.
Rusty suggested alignment.
I said sure.
In process he pointed out back shocks (with 152,000 miles on them) were very weak.
He pointed out that in the alignment process he had reached his limits with the front tires because        of the condition of the front struts  (with 152,000 miles on them)
I thanked him and went home.  
The following Sunday (this past one to be exact) the left rear window fell down and wouldn't move.
-------some of this is explained in detail below -------
 I bit the bullet - had him fix window plus the back shocks and front struts.
Meanwhile left tire still had wire sticking out.
I put spare on the ground and wire tire in trunk.
Spare and right front not in good shape.
Called Discount Tire in Waxahachie;  they had our tire.
Drove to Wax-A-Hachet and had tire fixed; ate lunch; got a big gulp and came home.
If you don't think I had an expensive last couple of weeks, you are way wrong.   Thanks to our close friend  Master Card - all is well and we are driving once again.
This is an experiment to see how the light blue background looks on the bluggy.
and now we are looking at what color?  This is a test.   Green.  Good boy.
I'll see ya guys soon - must change the water - it is Thursday, our marathon watering day.

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