Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bruno, my boy

Short dog stone.

Review:  We 3 have 5 dogs.  3 boys and 2 girls.  The girls get along with everyone.  Bruno gets along with everybody.  Fritz and Oscar have a dislike.  They have fought more than once.  Continuing.  Fritz wants to eat at all times.  If he gets within 4 ft of Oscar and his bowl of food, growling.   Bruno likes to eat too.  He is more laid back about the whole thing.  Oscar and Bruno are twin chocolate doxies.
Oscar and Bruno eat in one area - the girls eat in one area - and Fritz has his own area.  For Father's Day Christine gave me a dog food bowl that has protrusions.  These make the dog eat around corners and slows him down.  Instead of gulping, Fritz has to work at getting the food out of the dish.
Now the short stone.  I did not see this; thanks to my wife for the stone.
The dogs were all eating the other morning.  Bruno finished his bowl of dry food.  Oscar is the slowest eater we have.  He putters around with his food till it is gone.  Sometimes he takes food out and lays it in a pile to be eaten in a moment.   
Bruno finished his.   He looked around a bit and studied Oscar eating.  Bruno stood up and walked over to Oscar.  He reached down and grabbed the bowl by the rim - picked it up and walked off with the whole bowl of food.  Oscar didn't care, so Bruno had an extra bowl of food.   My wife, the killjoy, reached down to take the bowl and Bruno didn't let go of the bowl.  She had to pry his mouth off the edge of the bowl.
Returned to Oscar, the food was finished properly.  You may not think that is funny.  I can tell you I think it is.  Bruno is so innocent.  So if you ever come to visit, protect your bowl.

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