Saturday, July 6, 2013

Only Greta

Originally I thought of this post as being a 2 sectional thing - but, something irritated me and I may add a 3rd at the end.  If I settle down, then, no 3rd part.   Politics make me uptight.  Some might say I have always been uptight.  Politics wires me up a bit too much - thus - I try to stay off politics on this page.
#1   So we made a trip to Louisiana and had a good time with the 5 dogs and our Jamboree motorhome.  It was a good trip - willin' to go again soon.  The plantation was interesting;  the city was interesting; the travel countryside was interesting.  We elected to not go to an Alligator farm.  They were advertised as alligators and petting zoo.  I voted no.  Spouse gave no immediate argument.  I dislike alligators much like I dislike snakes.
#2  Already I have stretched this to 3 things prior to politics.  Our dogs have different personalities and different levels of intelligence.  At least we think they have different levels.   Liesl, the white, seems to be smarter about lots of things.  We have a mechanical device which puts out food if the handle is pressed down.  Liesl is the only one who has that figured out.  She is afraid of thunder and loud booming noises.  The others could care less.  My theory:  She is smart enough to be afraid of the noises.
Our little Greta, the snake killer, has a personality which is quiet and reserved until riled.  Barking  huskily at big birds flying overhead - she does this with passion.  Greta gets confused sometimes.  She knows certain things but gets them confused with others.   "PIT" we call out to get the dogs to go to their fenced area late at night - they take care of business and come back in, not worrying too much about stray owls or bobcats.  Each gets a cookie after the PIT.
However, sometimes Greta gets confused and heads for the wrong door.  Or, she may take off for a particular bed to wait for her cookie.  And, so forth.  3 dogs went to the vet for rabies shots.  We have the new tags for their collars.  My plan:  take collar off, replace rabies tag, reinstall dog collar.  It worked like a jewel for Oscar and Bruno.  When I took off Greta's collar, she was headed outside to water the grass.   She came to the back door when finished.  I reinstalled the collar.  All seemed fine.
She started a high whine and bouncing around the floor.  The other dogs soon picked up on the behavior.  High whine and barking - followed by more bouncing around the room.  She isn't too big at 10 lbs so that is a lot of bouncing.   I couldn't figure it out.  Then, a revelation.  I opened the way for her - Greta bounced to the front door.  She whined and messed with the door.  More barking and bouncing.
Revelation:  she was ready to go bye-bye - scram - hit the road - go walking - travel to Louisiana - you name it.  The collar.  When I had messed with her collar as we will when attaching a leash, that triggered the response - Time to go on a trip.  Let's go.   bounce, whine, bark -- By this time she had all 5 worked up.   It took a bit to calm her down.  She still is ready to go though.
I think I will let the other things wait till later.
Oscar needs to go outside and play ball.


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