Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4 things of interest to me

2 things - maybe 3 - let's make it 4.
#1  a friend / acquaintance of mine of several years writes a blog.  I get a notice every time something is posted [ as, I might add, you can get a notice from this blog too - if you choose ].   His blogs are usually filled with a bits of drama and his own studies of relationships - he has had exploits through the labor of life and a recitative of his adventures going to concerts, meeting people, and y'know:  what an unmarried young guy can go through at different times.  Some of the blogs make my eyes roll and others can be quite insightful.   It is in the eye of the beholder - or reader, if you will.
      A few months back he cut back his blogs and began doing a talking thing - can't remember what they are called right now - you find them and listen to someone talk for a half hour or more.  His dealt with relationships between guys and gals - and I suppose other types of folks too.  I rarely listened because of time constraints - I need to be doing something all the time.  The site is called   LOW or Life of Wilde.  If someone wanted to do a PhD dissertation on his life and times - might be different.
      Wilde and I worked together in the U of TX football stadium for several year - I'd bet it was about 10 - 12 years or so.   It was a change of pace for me going to UT football games and seeing all that burnt orange.  You probably didn't know that burnt orange will warp your eye's retina if viewed too frequently without a break of red and black infusion.
     Last night I had a notice that an entry had been made to LOW - I dutifully journeyed through the computer to see this entry, it had been quite a while.  Did I mention that Johnny has a secretary who seems to be quite proficient at getting things done.  Back to LOW.  His blog said that Maria (sec) would be taking over the talking thingy and she would be putting in the blog info too.   Maria , apparently young, refers to "Mr. Wilde" throughout the entry.  She put all the above info on the blog in the 3rd person.   At the end it said that Mr. Wilde appreciates that people will give him his privacy at this time.
      So here are my questions.  What have I missed?  Since I have been his sounding board over the years and know more than I should  ==> Should I keep quiet and not find out what is wrong?  Is he sick?  Did one of his parents die?  Is he on a Honeymoon?  Did he wreck his truck:  The Black Beauty?   Did he rob a bank and is sitting in jail?  Has he run off with his lawyer?  I'd want privacy if that happened for sure.  You can give me a response below in the comments.
     If I call, I am not abiding by his blog's stated wishes.   If I don't call, I am unfeeling cad.  I just don't know - almost too much drama for a retired guy with a ..... (see below #2)
#2     My boy Fritz is sick - (dog for those who are new - see many of the previous posts for more dog stories than you'd ever want to read).   Fritz is my eater.  He will eat anything that he can get his mouth around.  Sometime after - let's say midnight - Fritz emptied his stomach on his bed.  It was mushy and really dark colored - not bloody, just dark.   My wife, bless her heart, got up about 4 a.m. to put the dogs out in the Pit.  Fritz was lethargic and slow to move.  Goop was in several piles in his bed.
       My boy is sick.  His stomach is doing flip flops.   I carried him outside after someone woke me a bit after 4, bless her heart.  Fritz did his wetting business, not with glee but functional.  All dogs came back into the house and returned to bed.   I collected Fritz's dirty bed stuff so it would not be eaten.  He threw up again.  Poor Baby.   
      All day long he has been drinking water and throwing up.  He has no interest in eating grass as I have seen other woozy dogs do under similar circumstances.  And food has no purpose or interest for him.  In the afternoon, he refused his daily chew stick and a fabulous doggy cookie that he would have killed to get yesterday.  That boy is sick.  After a few more throw ups, I called our vet.  Out of town for the rest of the week - vacation, I suppose.   We are trying to make it on our own.  
      Fritz drinks water - has wooed  and  has weeeeded at different times of today.  It is a watch and wait.  Maybe my boy will pull through this "RUFF" episode.  I have a tough time focusing on other people's problems when I have one sick puppy.  
# 3   My Marauder has been sick.  In the past week two different electric windows have had to have their regulators replaced.  In the olden days, a regulator was something akin to a sheriff.  A little side drift here - I have always had trouble spelling sheriff.  I don't know why - just a learning disability in the spelling window.
       Now we have had the rear shocks and the front struts replaced to a hefty price tag.  I've written often about the mechanic I use.  I like and trust him.  That may be dangerous and not too smart; but, it is true.   In the process of front struts dying, the front two tires started wearing badly.  I looked at those tires closely in late May just before the car's inspection.  The front two tires were excellent.  In two months time, bad news.   The front left even has wire sticking out.   I'd bet the big tire guru in the sky would think it is time to make a change.  Next job:  2 new tires for the front end - you might not know or care - on the Marauder the front and the back tires are two different sizes.  Because they are Z rated - high speed - they wear out faster than normal tires.
Looking for sympathy here folks.
#4    We will be having our Grammy Camp here within the next couple of weeks.  All of our 3 kids will make appearances around here during the week long camp.   Last year I had my oldest g-girl write a guest blog.  I thunk ah will do dat agin.    Maybe one of the younger girls will make an entry too. That should be fun.   If y'all have any ideas of things to do with a future 8th grader and her younger elementary aged sisters, I am willing to listen.  Being entertaining to a wide variety of ages is a difficult mission even if it is only one week in length.
      I had thought of paying them $X.XX dollars a day as an incentive to do little tasks around here like picking up doggy doo, washing the wee off the back porch,  picking up rocks off the yard,  playing ball with Oscar.    Thought we might spend part of one day to go to the Fish Hatchery over in Athens.  They have an interesting place there - and you can fish.   I think you can keep the caught critters.   No alligators.
Mowed the acreage today and I am tired - yawning as a matter of fact - gonna go check in on Fritz. He is such a sick puppy.
over and out
Mtz, the happily retired adventurer and lion tamer.  

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