Monday, April 11, 2011


Sitting here sipping a large glass of ice cold raspberyy tea, courtesy of Mr. Instant Lipton, Chicago playing on TV, my illness (see previous bluggy) lingers and lingers.  Just when I think it is gone, I exert myself in some mindless manner, and I get tired suddenly.  This all sounds worse than it is.  Exert?  Y'know like doing some minor project around the house.

The front of our house has this bare spot.  You can see them on many a house.  So those folks go out and buy a big star to decorate.   We've been looking for something a bit different and found it this past weekend at Waxahachie's  trade days.  The guy took metal and framed it in wood.  The Texas flag was crudely painted on the metal slab.   Looks pretty good on the front of the house. 

They are doing the tap dance scene from Chicago right now.  Love that bit.

Let's talk about the weather.   No, that's not it.   Let's talk about weather announcements.  We have one of those machines that automatically beeps (loudly) whenever the govt issues another weather alert.  It went off 4 billion times last night.   Everytime it blows off, you sit straight up in bed and think the world has exploded.  Being south of Dallas, we get announcement for north of Dallas too. 

At 3:30 plus a.m., my wife got up and took the machine to another room.  Wives can be so considerate.  The storm came through about 5 this morn.  one-half inch rain and a lot of noise.  Our poor little Liesl had another bad night with thunder.  You must feel for dogs who are so afraid of thunder.  If only they had reasoning skills.  Someday should talk about my puppies.  I would like to read it.

okay, time for bed.  Hopefully, the nose quits dripping tomorrow. 
see ya,

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