Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Corsicana stuff

America wants to know.  I think I've whupped my virus - unless it was an alergy, in which case, it shall return just as McArthur did.  I did get an hour and a half restless nap this afternoon.  It was restless for the first couple of minutes, then, I knew nothing until nature called and work me up ruthlessley.  I had an aunt named Ruth.  That is another blog.

Corsicana is a nice place.  It has lots of interesting things but is still laid back.  If it had a Best Buy, might be a perfect place.  One of the features is a small little theater type  place  called the Warehouse Living Arts Center  (Theatre).  Tonight we watched their latest production:  Grandest Canyon.  

These folks do a good job.  Sure, some actors (tresses) are less than Hollywood, but some do a pretty terrific  job.    I enjoy making the trip up there.

One of their bits is playing music through the house speaker system as scenes are changed.  The songs seem to always echo the subject of the play.  Me thinks they think about this a long time.  The audience sits quietly watching through the blackness as the stage hand move stuff around - listening a toe tapping depending upon the selection. 

Tonight I giggled inwardly once.  The guy on stage was approaching a divorce with his New Jersey wife.  He was in Texas on the phone to his soon-to-be ex-wife, when the scene ended and the music began.  The audience started humming along with the song:   "All my exes live in Texas."

I giggled.

looking forward to the next session.
Before I close - a little Methodist bit.  I have never seen this before.   It should catch on.  The Corsicana FUMC is having a real Last Supper.  13 costumed actors are recreating the Last Supper from Divinci's painting.  What a novel idea.    I am anxious to see how it plays out.  Of course, I'll be there warbling in the choir.

One of the stars in the little theater production is organizing this event.   Understand there will be free bread and grape juice for all.

O'er & out

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