Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heidi Stone

Nighttime will be a bit more quiet around here. Often late at night we can be aroused by Heidi and Sue, the next door neighbors black labs, barking pointlessly into the night. It can get our kids worked up and barking resounds throughout our house.

But, tonight will not be as noisy.

Heidi died today. You may remember that Heidi had been hit by heart worms. They had spent about $1000 with the doctor. The Vet said that if she could make it through this next week, she might make it.

She had spent the day walking slowly around our property - drinking water - and an occasional swim (wade) in the lake. She talked me out of two cookies today. Heidi was panting so very much today. It was obvious that she was having a bad time.

My wife stepped out on the back porch about 6:15 this evening and saw Heidi walking around the edge of her house after getting a big drink of water. She thought, "I wish the neighbors would hurry and come home tonight." Right at that time Steve drove up. He got out of his car, spoke to the wife, and discovered Heidi laying on their front walk. My wife may add some details here.

I came home about this time with my new water pump and 30 more pieces of St. Augustine.

Steve asked to borrow a shovel - apparently the last bunch of workers acquired his shovel. I took two over and helped dig a really big hole in their back yard. We laid Heidi to rest and covered her. Steve's wife Lelanie came home during the process.

I will miss Heidi and my dogs barking at her through the fence. Yesterday, she came into our back yard, invited, completely ignored by our dogs, stood on the back porch and watched us plant grass. She was quite a dog--so even tempered, big & black. Quite a dog.

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